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Hey, Tapeheads! Time for Vide-O-Rama: A Feast of Video Cover Vittles!

Greetings, Videovores! It's time to take a bite of the first installment of what we like to call VIDE-O-RAMA! The plan is to display these bodacious video covers on regular basis here on our beastly blog. These particular covers are from my buddy Kevin's collection (check out his KILLER website here: This is the best site to score all kinds of groovy monster and horror goodies. Lunchmeat Approved! These covers are in the pot for consideration as Kevin and I gather covers for our Video Cover Trading Card project that we've been working on (that' right: trading cards!), that we hope to launch sometime next year... Until then, Videovores, feast your eyes on this glorious gallery! And keep an eye out for more video cover vittles in the not so distant future! And away we go!

BLOODSHED on Regal Home Video. An instant (and rare!) classic! With a nip slip!

One of our favorite Midnight Video releases (which one isn't killer?): BLOODTHIRSTY BUTCHERS!

The much sought after and ever elusive BURIED ALIVE on Thriller Video! Check the disclaimer... too groovy.

A budget label release of CURSE OF THE DEMON. Look for THE GORGON video release on the same label, done by the same artist!

Paragon's small box version of DEADLINE (featured in LM #3). Paragon also released a big box version with alternate artwork (watch for it in a future post!)

One of the most coveted and intensely awesome covers from the Unicorn Video canon: DIE SCREAMING MARIANNE!

The super-rare Wizard Video release of DRILLER KILLER. Notice that Wizard had the exclusive rights to this video at the time...

Arguably one the best video covers of all-time (and undoubtedly adored by LM Editor-in-Chief Josh Schafer), it's MICROWAVE MASSACRE. Yes, we love Midnight Video!

The much coveted NIGHTMARE on Planet Video: a true gem.

Super Video released some of the grooviest clamshells on earth. Here's one of the lesser seen: VIOLENT BLOOD BATH!

Dig these scans, Videovores? Plenty more where these crawled out of! If you want to submit some of the videos from your collection, give us a yell! We'd love to see some stuff from your collection! C'mon! Show us what ya got!

Stay tuned for the next installment of Vide-O-Rama for way more out-of-this-world cover scans! And keep that VCR a'hummin!

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