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IT CAME FROM THE VCR Brings You an Army of Obscure Analog Insanity Through the Power of VCRchaeology and Announces a Groovy Collab with CinemAttack!

If you’re clickity-clickin’ through this slice of analog-inclined internet, you’re probably no stranger to diggin’ through a mess of dust-covered chunks of magnetic magic in hopes of uncovering a not-so-legendary but totally lovable slab of esoteric cinematic insanity. Well, Ralph D. Apel, proprietor of IT CAME FROM THE VCR (not to be confused with the Web Series of the same name), is an analog aficionado perpetually on the dig. So much so, he’s coined a term for his actions that us over here in LUNCHMEAT land think is absolutely brilliant: a VCRchaeologist! See? That’s awesome, right?! Ralph and his IT CAME FROM THE VCR imprint have gathered up an avalanche of jaw-dropping, mind-melting analog unreality available via his bevy of social media platforms; but before you delve into his anti-digital deluge, here’s a few words from the dude that digs deep and don’t need sleep…


It certainly did, man. Straight to the point. You know I can dig it.

LM: What was the impetus to start up IT CAME FROM THE VCR? What possessed you to celebrate the glory of analog? RA: I had a pretty modest collection of VHS tapes. Your parents probably have more VHS in the garage than I had. But of the few that I had, I felt like they were pretty solid. A friend of mine used to do these VHS all-night long parties that he called “The Gauntlet”. The goal was to try to stay awake watching really odd movies until the sun came up. I was one of the few who would make it to daybreak every time. There was something about discovering new and weird movies that I found really appealing. Every time I would go to a Gauntlet, I would be introduced to something that I never knew existed. It made me think, what else was out there waiting to be discovered? So, my collection grew and grew. I didn't really have a lot of friends that would be willing to sit and watch this garbage. Thanks to the internet, you can pretty much throw anything out there and gain a following. So, last August I decided to create a YouTube channel. Knowing a thing or two about social networking and graphic design, I put a little elbow grease into a logo and made everything look like it was a page that was handled with love. I love VHS tapes and I wanted to share them with as many people as possible.


And who wouldn’t want to share this?! These are hot tips, mang! RUBBERSTAMPMADNESS5EVA.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your Videovore habits, Ralph. What kinds of magnetic magic really get you groovin? When it comes to purchasing VHS tapes, I always buy them based on the covers. 95% of the time, the covers are incredibly misleading, but who cares? Nothing beats a good VHS cover. I own a movie called NINJA'S EXTREME WEAPONS. I use it as a cover photo for my YouTube page. On the cover is an image of a Ninja with a giant sword, some ninja stars, a jetliner crash, guerillas with AK47s, some helicopters and multiple explosions. None of that happens in the movie, but for me, as long as it looks good on a shelf, I will purchase it! I get all of my movies from thrift stores. Usually, I can get them for 50¢, so even if the movie is awful, I know I have a great cover. I am a huge fan of Vine and finding 6 seconds of gold in the worst of movies is pretty easy and it gets people exposed to something new.



With ICFtVCR, you label yourself as a VCRchaeologist, which totally rules. What can people expect when they check out your channel? Yeah, I came up with VCRchaeologist, because that's what I feel like. An archaeologist. Finding VHS tapes has a sense of adventure to it. There is a thrill to the hunt and once I pick up a video, there is still plenty of treasure to unlock inside. When it comes to movies, fitness tapes or a lot of low-budget instructional videos, I can't help but think of how at one point in time a large group of people got together to produce something that meant everything to them. It was the most important thing in their lives at that moment, and then it was lost. It got passed around from garage to garage. These tapes would get shoved behind DVDs and under sofas. Ultimately, they end up in a place like a thrift store, waiting to be purchased and if it is lucky enough to be picked up by someone like me, it will gain all new life. I definitely feel like my page is a museum and everyone is invited.


What's that? Rambo? Who is DATDATDATDATDATDAT!!!

What is about the VHS format that does it for you? Why do you love it so? The thing I like the most about VHS tapes is that there is a large variety of content out there. When DVD came along, movies never looked so good. They were slim, portable and fairly inexpensive to purchase, but for the most part they were just movies. Sure there are some instructional and fitness DVDs out there, but VHS tapes have some insane things going on. There are certain movies that get upgraded from VHS to DVD and now to Blu-ray and Digital HD download. The great thing about VHS is that some of this stuff never made it to the DVD phase and it is dying out. I doubt you will ever see ROBO VAMPIRE, SINAI GUERILLAS, THE HUMANOID or FAST MOVING TRAINS make it onto another format, but every day I get a response on YouTube, Vine, Instagram or Twitter about how someone remembered something that I posted. Not all the videos have a following, but it's fun to see what takes off. It is crazy how many times those train videos get watched on my channel. I never watched them growing up, but there are people out there clamoring for this stuff. So I will keep buying VHS, tossing them on the internet and see what sticks.



What are your thoughts on the resurgence in interest in VHS? Pros? Cons? It's funny that this past year, two VHS documentaries came out. ADJUST YOUR TRACKING and REWIND THIS! What is great is that there are some new and older titles being released on VHS and I think it is badical! When I got my replacement VCR a year and a half ago, I could only find one model still being produced today. Who knows? Maybe someone will start manufacturing cheap VCRs again. That would be a huge pro! The only con I can see with the resurgence is that the thrift store shelves can get a little scarce, but that's just me being selfish. A few months back I found three really awesome Mexican Action movies at Salvation Army and for some reason they didn't end up in my bag. The next morning I went back to grab them and they were gone. So having "competition" out there is a big con, but ultimately I am glad that these things are finding homes.


HOWITZER the weather over there, eh?! BOOM!

What's next for ICFtVCR? Where can we keep up with you? If you go to, you will be treated to my YouTube page and all of my other social networking links are up by that Ninja. My favorite social network outlet is Vine, so be sure to follow me there… it is a lot of fun posting those! Also, you may want to pay attention to my Twitter feed @VHSdude for some biggish news. I have teamed up with CinemAttack in Orange County, CA and, not to spoil anything, but I have been asked to provide some pre-show entertainment for their upcoming events. Only my wife and CinemAttack knows about that, so I guess that is a scoop for you guys.


And here's a smattering of other analog amazement that you might bump into while diggin' through Ralph's radical video redemption. My vote is for SHOTGUN. Of course... we all know why.

Anything else you'd like to shout out to all the Videovores out there? I feel like I am pretty new to the whole community, but I have to say that everyone has been great. The page has taken off pretty awesomely and I cannot thank everyone enough. I hope that everyone who reads this goes out and saves some VHS tapes from certain doom. And if you want to call yourself a VCRchaeologist, go for it! We need as many out there as we can!

You got that right, my analog brother! We do indeed need as many active VCRchaeologists as possible to help preserve, protect and proliferate the multitude of magnetic magic that’ll never make it to any other format… it’s like our anti-digital duty, man! Be sure to groove on over and get analog inspired with IT CAME FROM THE VCR’s Official YouTube Channel, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@VHSdude), and Vine outlets to see a magnificent collection of video-only oddities and rare VHS snips and clips. DIG IT!

Groove and Groove and Watch Weird Stuff.

Josh Schafer

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