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Indie Filmmaker Joe Stauffer Commits His Slice of Cinema PIECES OF TALENT to VHS and Adds a Personal Touch to Each Slab! EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW and EXCLUSIVE OFFER ON THE VHS! Dig it!!

More than a few Videovores may be familiar with a mysterious slab of magnetic magic that’s been floating around within the analog-sphere over the past few years: a white videocassette smeared and splattered with a blood red something or other, eerily inviting you to experience its contents with the words “WATCH ME” painfully scrawled across the face of the tape. That mystical vagabond video is the work of none other than indie filmmaker Joe Stauffer. A version of that hand-bloodied video is still available via his website, but now stands as a groovy VHSupplement to his newest cinematic concoction (and first full-length feature) now available on limited edition VHS: Pieces of Talent. The film itself is a dark and psychological journey into the world of indie filmmaking gone awry and obsessive, replete with industry douchebag stereotypes, the pitfalls of unrelenting passion and an ample amount of visceral, sanguine scenes dipped in surrealistic tendencies. You can peep the trailer RIGH HURR and get a taste for yourself, mang. And speaking of tasty morsels, we have a special treat indeed for all you Tapeheads out there with this one: Joe’s been kind enough to sit down and put together a super-groovy exclusive video interview for LUNCHMEAT all about his filmmaking background, how Pieces of Talent came to be, and the personal touch the VHS version provides in the creative process. But that’s not all, man! Joe has also been most generous, offering an exclusive discount on the VHS version! All you gotta do is enter the coupon code "lunchmeat" and you get $3 off of the Limited Edition Full-Length VHS version of Pieces of Talent! Now that's just analog awesome. Go grab yours and save some bones, mang! And now, without any further analog ado, clickity click that PLAY button and hear all about what's happenin' with his new flick Pieces of Talent!

And here's a bunch of other groovy images associated with the film and the limited analog edition!


A look at the hand-bloodied "WATCH ME" tape. VHShare the love, mang.


The PIECES OF TALENT case and cover in all its gory glory. LOOKIN' GOOD.


Here's a shot of the hand-painted bobbleheads you'll hear about in the interview. Limited as hell and made with love.


And here's what awaits you inside the clamshell casing. This is handmade indie horror at its finest, Tapeheads.

Major magnetic thanks to Joe for taking the time to record this awesome exclusive interview, and for making such radical slices of VHS vindication. Be sure to visit the Pieces of Talent site to pick up your copy of the full-length limited edition VHS (and enter "lunchmeat" for 3 bones off, man!), and get all kinds of info on the movie including stills, clips and even the soundtrack for free! Dig on those gratis groovy movie tunes, mang.

Groove and Groove and Do It Yourself.

Josh Schafer

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