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Generated from the Division of Power within VULTRA VIDEO a Brand New Entity in Indie Home Video Entertainment Emerges: NIGHTFORCE VIDEO!

Analog aficionado David Royal, who was once one half of the prolific and stylish Vultra Video, has recently taken flight and joined forces with a new group of film fanatics to establish and set forth Royal’s answer to the standards he wants to see thrive in the modern days of indie home entertainment production. Their first release, a VHS re-issue of Drew Bolduc’s indie messterpiece THE TAINT, is slated for release in about a month, and from looks of it, this bad boy will be a slice of home video heaven, indeed. Embrace the night. Feel the force. Live the Analog Dream.

A look at the NIGHTFORCE logo. The question is: how much more 80s can this logo be? Answer? None. None more 80s.

You were formerly one half of VULTRA VIDEO. Can you tell us how NIGHTFORCE came to be in the wake of the VULTRA partnership? What made you want to start NIGHTFORCE? Nightforce Video will become what Vultra Video should have been... a production and distribution company which consistently provides some awesome products as well as our own video ventures, such as SAWTOOTH MASSACRE. Nightforce Video came to be after I left Vultra Video with the help of two of my business partners Michael Merchant and Andrew Peters. We had decided that it was time to focus our efforts on what meant most to us as fans and as a company. We're all about VHS but are also expanding to doing DVD and Blu-ray releases, as well, and making VHS/Blu-ray/DVD bundles for the folks who like variety. Can you give us some insight as to the inner workings of NIGHTFORCE? Who’s on the team, etc.? Nightforce Video consists of myself, Andrew Peters and Michael Merchant. I have known Andrew since 6th grade and have been good friends with him ever since. He is a talented artist and also a gifted writer, so having him on the team was a no-brainer! He is the man behind the script for SAWTOOTH MASSACRE. Michael Merchant and I met on the set of Ron Bonk's film titled SHE KILLS. I knew right then and there that I wanted to work with him as he is a very hard working actor and extremely easy to work with. He is also starring as the main character in our film SAWTOOTH MASSACRE and was the driving force behind us attaining rights for THE TAINT.

A still from Bolduc's THE TAINT. What a shirt!

Your first release is a VHS re-issue of Drew Bolduc’s THE TAINT, which has been out on VHS before released via the film makers. What was the impetus behind re-animating this bad boy once more? Did you reach out to the film makers or… ? All three of us absolutely love what Drew Bolduc has given the film industry with THE TAINT. It's an insane, fun, gory joyride and has all the makings of a cult classic. We knew that it had been previously released on VHS by the film makers, but we wanted to give it our own spin and provide a big box and clamshell for packaging options, instead of just slipcase. We are also creating custom artwork, a poster and possibly one other item to be determined to go along with this release.

The ad slick running around for the upcoming release. Blindingly Radical, Brother.

Can you give us some details on specs for the release? It’s for Scare-A-Con, right? If they don’t sell out, will they be available online? Our primary stock will be available at Scare-A-Con in September, but we will make a select few available for pre-sale on our Storenvy and our website on Septemeber 11th at Noon - tentatively. These will be limited to 35 total and if we don't sell out at Scare-A-Con, we will publish the remaining stock to our store at a random time after the event. Why do you love VHS? What makes you want to put flicks on tape? VHS is considered to be dead by most, but we few still adore the format. For me, it's nostalgia and viewability . I can't go out and find a legit copy of Lunch Meat on DVD - so the next best option is VHS and for that reason some people can actually see the film in all its glory only from a VHS tape. That and the fact that most of us grew up in the rental days with walking around in a small mom and pop video store... renting video games and movies every Saturday and watching/playing the shit out of them until Sunday night.

More visual stimulation from the dudes at NIGHTFORCE. Click the image for some bitchin' bumper action, man!

What’s next for NIGHTFORCE VIDEO? We are currently trying to finalize our next few VHS releases as well as production on SAWTOOTH MASSACRE, which we hope to have a trailer for in the next few months. We plan on working hard and kicking ass, all for the glory of film! Anything else you’d like to share with all those Videovores out there? Thank you for supporting Nightforce Video and thank you for keeping VHS and indie/underground films alive. All too often good films get overlooked, but we hope to give them new life and put them in front of true fans!

And thank YOU for continually fighting the good fight for home entertainment junkies across the land, David and crew! You can stay tuned to Nightforce Video's Facebook, Official webstore and website for all updates on their releases. In the magnetic meantime, keep on groovin' to that sweet, sweet analog rhythm and feed that VCR every day. DIG IT.

Josh Schafer

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