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Former VHS Rental Collection from Waterfront Video in Burlington, VT is Now Up for Purchase Through an Independent VHSeller, Tapeheads! Clickity-click for More Analog Info!

Attention All Tapeheads in VERMONT and surrounding areas! I was contacted by a person who purchased the ENTIRE VHS STOCK from Waterfront Video in VT, and is now looking to anti-digitally dispense them back out to the magnetically-crazed masses! It’s by appointment only, but you’re able to rifle through all these rewindable chunks of analog glory in person! So rad! You can also email them and provide a list of rewind wants, but it’s probably quicker (and more fun!) to make an appointment and look through it all, as there isn’t any action to be taken on the dealer’s part. Here’s a quote from the original email VHSolicitation: “ group of people, including me, pooled our money and purchased the entire inventory, over 10,000 VHS movies. We wanted to keep them circulating in the community. At this point we have to call it a day, and we're selling the movies. I'm trying to contact people who have an appreciation for great VHS. The collection is amazing.” 10,000 tapes?! Too groovy, mang. I'm sure they've sold a few, but there are still thousands of slabs available. Here’s a look at a few pictures they sent through.




I know the dates on the pics are from six years ago, but this email just came through like 4 days ago! THEY STILL HAVE 'EM! Okay, my fellow Videovores! Really just wanted to spread the word on this regional rewind find. Please be patient if you do reach out as the proprietor of the collection is working a day job and doing this on the side. She can be reached at the following email address - – Tell 'em LUNCHMEAT sent ya!


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