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Delta Airlines Employs the Almighty VHS Tape to Present Their In-Flight Safety Video in Homage to the 80s! You Read Right, Videovores! Delta Has the Analog Appreciation and ALF is On-Board!

We all know that VHS tapes are far more sturdy and dependable than their digital counterparts. So, it’s no surprise that a select group of companies still use these chunks of analog glory in their everyday operations: the majority of casinos still record all of their security footage via magnetic magic, and an innumerable amount of employers have yet to transfer their training tutorials to the digital realm. So when my brother from another mother and all-around radical dude Greg Alexander told me about his VHSperience on the flight to his latest party destination, you know I had to share out with my fellow Tapeheads and spread the awareness of just one more instance of commercial analog media application. So, without any further ado, here’s the story straight from the man with the best seats in the house:


Okay, so this isn't actually Greg and his wife on the plane, but it's close enough. Greg's beard is even more bodacious if you can believe it.

“Tired of all the snow, the wife and I decided to take a short trip to New Orleans for some drunkin’ mayhem. After snow grounded our first flight, my wife was able to cry a few tears and get us onto a flight leaving early the next day. Little did we know that it was NBA All-Star Weekend and every basketball fan on the East Coast was clamoring for a seat to NOLA! Delta Airlines was our Travelocity lottery pick. Little did I know the small surprise they would have for us. We were seated near the audio/visual rack. I thought that was cool. At least we weren’t near the bathrooms. When the flight attendant opened the AV doors, I couldn’t believe my eyes… TWO VCRs! Above that, there was another small door. When opened, the attendant pulled out a small rack that held all the VHS tapes in place during the flight. You don’t want your VHS tapes crashing all over the place during a turbulent flight, right!? I was quite amazed.


Alongside ALF and a Devo Energy Dome, Teddy Ruxpin also makes an appearance showing off his signature "dead eyes" repose.

After three or four failed attempts to get the ol’ VHS running (insert “how many stewardesses it takes to start a VHS” joke here), they got it going. It was a hilarious 80’s throw back air safety video containing Atari, Alf, Metalheads, and Kareem Abdul Jabar! You have to see it to believe it! Sadly, it was one of the highlights of our extremely short trip. (Note to everyone: before you book a trip, make sure there are no huge sporting events that will shut down half the cities roadways!)”


A friendly-faced pilot and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar remind you to enjoy your flight and PLEASE REWIND!!

That’s some solid advice, brother! A bunch of airline assistants fumbling around with our favorite format to comical (and eventually successful) effect is sure to be a highlight of any excursion. A clickity-clackin’, hand slappin’ VHS high five to my boy Greg for the heads up on Delta’s analog inclination and too groovy 80s homage safety video. What other commercial entities are still clinging to their analog roots? Slap up a comment if you got some info, yo!

Groove and Groove and Bust a Move.

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