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Cult Movie Mania Prepares to Unleash Some Radical Fresh VHS Re-issues of Cult Classics CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and CANNIBAL FEROX in Association with Grindhouse Releasing! PLUS! Exclusive Analog Announcements from CMM!!

The constantly expanding world of fresh VHS is consistently spewing forth a wild and wondrous spill of cult cinema to help keep our VCRS churning and turning without cessation. In this radical wave of rewind re-animation, we’re seeing everything from obscure gems getting more recognition to indie films gaining a new platform for exposure, and sometimes, we see absolute cult classics celebrated via home video in order to champion the format and put the film back in front of people in a renewed rewind-inclined way. Cue Tampa, Florida’s Cult Movie Mania. The same company that brought Tapeheads the outrageous analog edition of Black Devil Doll and revived Marcus Koch’s SOV splatterpiece Rot via fresh VHS is about to drop an analog bomb with brand spankin’ new re-animated re-issues of the man-eating cult classics Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox unleashed in limited edition style and housed in all-new artwork. Read on, my fellow Videovores, and I hope you’re hungry…


Cult Movie Mania knows all about the gritty and grainy analog glory, mang.

It’s been a little while since we talked with you, mang! For the uninitiated, give us the essence of Cult Movie Mania and what you’re all about. What can Tapeheads expect when they join the Cult? It has been too long, friend. Myself and Shelby McIntyre run Cult Movie Mania, which is a purveyor of wild and outrageous movies straight outta the cult movie Mecca – Tampa, Florida, USA.

Lost Faith VHS copy

The outrageous cover for CMM's VHS release of AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST. Holy VHShit, indeed, Tapeheads.

I believe your most recent analog incarnation was the Limited Edition fresh VHS release of the sick, sleazy and shocking Amerikan Holokaust. Can you tell us about that release and how it came to be, and fill us in on any other VHS tape from CMM that Videovores should know about? I can. The Amerikan Holokaust tape came about because we are good friends with The Sleaze Box (John Miller and Chris Woods). They, too, are from the cult movie Mecca – Tampa, Florida, USA. It’s a great tape. You get the full, uncensored movie, plus a brand new open and close containing new footage featuring the characters from the movie. And that new footage is probably more disgusting than anything you’ll find on the Amerikan Holokaust DVD. It’s nuts. Plus, there’s an exclusive Herb Kowalski interview with John and Chris. Since Herb basically insults everyone he talks to, this interview gets pretty intense...and therefore entertaining. We have a few tapes left. HOWEVER...that is not our most recent release. We also did a very limited to 25 copies VHS of another Sleaze Box movie called Naughty Dirty Nasty. Those tapes are gone.


The now sold-out NAUGHTY DIRTY NASTY tape from CMM. No caption necessary, mang.

You’re newest slabs of fresh analog on deck will be some totally amazing rewind re-issues of the cult classics Cannibal Holocaust AND Cannibal Ferox! My magnetic mind is blown, mang! How was the process of getting these ready to roll into VCRS? The process was good. We worked directly with the one and only Grindhouse Releasing. They’re as cool as you would expect. They care about the quality of their products as much as we do, so it has been a good match.


A look at the upcoming VHS re-issue of CANNIBAL FEROX from CMM. Lookin' GOOD.

Why did you want to put these films on VHS? We love VHS and we love these movies. So, it’s a natural match. Both movies are legendary so we thought it would be cool to create something new and unique to continue their legacy.


Variant One of the upcoming analog re-animation for CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. Dig that new art. Save me a finger!

Can you give us the specs on the releases? Colored tapes? All new artwork? Variants? Limited Edition?! Tapeheads need to know! Both movies will feature brand new artwork. The Holocaust art was designed by ChamucoATX with illusrations by Vader Paz. Very cool. Very different. The Ferox art was painted and designed by Marcus Koch, who most people know as director of 100 Tears, ROT, and the next American Guinea Pig movie, Bloodshock. He, too, is part of what makes Tampa, Florida, USA the cult movie Mecca. There is only one version of the Cannibal Ferox tape. But, there are three variants to the Cannibal Holocaust release. All tapes are limited edition, and will come with a matching 11X17 poster.


CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST variant number two! Yes, I am still hungry and, yes, I will settle for the pinky finger.

When and where can we VHSnatch ‘em up, mang?! These tapes will only be available via However, they go on pre-sale via our newsletter, which you can subscribe to at the website. It’s 100% free. Newsletter subscribers will be the first to know when it goes on sale. They will also be the first to be able to purchase it through a private link that will be issued through the newsletter. If any tapes are leftover after the newsletter pre-sale, then they will go public.


Probably my personal favorite of the three CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST cover variants. THE COLORS, DUKE! THE COLORSSSS!!

What’s next for CMM, duder? More killer tapes! Our partnership with Grindhouse Releasing continues with a Lucio Fulci double-tape set featuring The Beyond and Cat In the Brain. We will also be putting out the first ever VHS tape of An American Hippie in Israel, which is beyond insane. We will likely be putting out a few VERY limited edition tapes for some of our other titles like Light of Blood, The Assignment:Witches Talisman (which I dare you to watch), and more. Anything else you wanna shout out to all the Tapeheads hangin’ out here in Lunchmeat Land? Thank you to all the Tapeheads who have supported Cult Movie Mania!

Thank you, Andrew, for making our VCRs happy with these man-eating slabs of magnetic magic! Sounds like CMM has some most excellent analog editions on deck with that Fulci double-feature and the first ever VHS release of An American Hippie in Israel, so be sure to stay tuned to their Official Site and subscribe to their (totally free!) Shock Sheet newsletter to stay updated on when you can grab your copies of Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox, as well as stay updated on all of their killer upcoming analog re-animations. You’ll be glad ya did, Tapeheads.

Groove and Groove and Is This Rare?

Josh Schafer

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