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CULT MOVIE MANIA Prepares to Bring the Marcus Koch SOV Splatterpiece ROT Back to Your VCR!! And They Got Lots of Other Video Vindication on Deck, Tapeheads!! DIG IT.

The more ardent and attentive VHS collectors out there will certainly recall Cult Movie Mania’s devastatingly deluxe VHS edition of Jonathan Lewis Louis’ sexed up and supremely bonkers BLACK DEVIL DOLL, which upon release totally blew the lid off the fresh VHS melting pot. Fast forward six months later and Andrew Allan and his Cult Movie Mania brand are still kicking analog ass, dropping groovy video vindications aplenty and spreading cult cinema solidarity with every offering. And now, CMM is preparing to bring Marcus Koch’s SOV splatter punk trashterpiece ROT back to your VCR where it belongs. But that’s not all he’s got on deck, Tapeheads. Read on, lovers of cinematic lunacy, and get ready to go Cult Movie Maniacal…

The too groovy Deluxe VHS Package for BLACK DEVIL DOLL. Don't got it yet? FIX IT.

LM: Last time we checked in with you, you were just about to put out the incredibly deluxe VHS version of Jonathan Louis Lewis’ BLACK DEVIL DOLL. How’d that go over? The set looked amazing, man. AA: It went over great. People really liked it and saw it for the utterly ridiculous creation it was meant to be. Plus, working with Shawn at Rotten Cotton is great. More importantly, the world is a better smelling place now thanks to all the pussy air fresheners that went out.

A pair of fresh VHS slices from the CMM camp. Check 'em on out RIGHT HURR.

What’s been going on since then? You’ve been keeping busy for sure. AA: Very busy. Launching the new website, prepping the next releases, writing ridiculous feature scripts, and shooting an infomercial with Melissa Rivers, who is a foul-mouthed delight. Cursing Briarwood for releasing SWAMPHEAD instead of us. Admiring Uneasy’s style. Reading Lunchmeat religiously. Digging Vultra’s DARKNESS re-release. Waiting on tapes from Massacre. And working on getting my hands on some Horror Boobs. I’ve also started working on a mini-documentary of the Tampa film scene, which is been very strange for decades.

Florida filmmaker Kelly Helen Thompson, who will be featured in the upcoming doc. It's about to get real weird up in here.

Coming up very soon, you’ll be doing another slab of analog re-animation with Marcus Koch’s ROT. Can you tell us a little about the film for those unfamiliar? AA: ROT is Marcus’ first official feature film, shot SOV in the 90s when he was just 18 years old. It is a punk/splatter/gore fest. The tag line is: Punks! Puke! Necrophilia! Simply put, it’s great. It’s already considered an underground classic by those few who have seen it. That’s because it has seriously big balls. Now, more people will have access to it. 20 years later, ROT holds up strong. It’s a real treat. This ROT release is special because Marcus went back and adjusted the entire film. It’s not as dark and muddy as when originally released. We created new bonus features – a new commentary, new behind the scenes, a special episode of The Goriest Minute, and what I humbly believe is the greatest bonus feature ever committed to video – Herb Kowalski’s exclusive interview with Marcus Koch. And yes, I am writing that with a straight face.

And here's Herb! Handsome devil, ain't he? He paid me to say that.

What’s the package shaping up to look like? I know you always cook up a mighty fine magnetic meal, man. AA: Thank you. But, I see where your questions are leading. So, I’ll just cut to the chase and admit that your gargantuan VIDEO VIOLENCE set is pretty much the best thing ever. Okay? Are you happy now?? As with our previous releases, we’re keeping consistent with a Disney-style clamshell. We’ll also have a deluxe DVD, 100 limited edition ultra-sweet screened posters (by Casey Lee Morgan), and a punk button. All with Arian Buhler’s awesome cover art.

A sneak peek at the ROT package. I don't think this mohawk's gonna fit in my VCR, man...

Why go for this flick, and why put it on tape? ROT is a bad-ass movie by an excellent filmmaker. I’ve enjoyed it for years. And I’m happy to have the opportunity to give it the proper release it deserves. Plus, Marcus is super cool. Here’s how cool Marcus is: It was his idea to include the Herb Kowalski interview – which I fear will become notorious - on the disc. He knew he’d be subjected to the toughest interview in the business. But just like his filmmaking, Marcus is fearless. Frankly, anyone who can even stand being in the same room as that asshole Herb is a hero in my book. Marcus Koch is an American hero. Do I really need to explain to you or anyone who reads Lunchmeat why put ROT on tape? Because tape is awesome. Tape gives you the original ROT experience.

Not the final art for the CMM release... but it's coming soon, mang. Russ Meyer would be proud.

What’s next for you? More analog insanity, I suspect! AA: Our next release will be PERVERT!, the Jonathan Yudis / Mike Davis Russ Meyer-inspired movie. I am thrilled to be able to do a tape for that. It’s my favorite independent film of the last 10 years. I also picked up some new films, which will melt faces and brains on contact. Rarely seen Tampa treasures I am beyond excited to release. I can’t wait to introduce everyone to the wild, weird, wonderful worlds of Kelly Helen Thompson and Gustavo Perez. Two fantastic filmmakers. Again, both fearless. Ever seen an eyeball-tossing warlock? Ever seen a confused werewolf? You will.


Anything else you wanna shout out to all the Tapeheads hangin’ out in LUNCHMEAT Land? Sincere thanks to everyone who has supported Cult Movie Mania. And those who haven’t should check us out. Best way is to sign up for our newsletter @ It’s free, cool, and that’s where we put all of our tape releases up for sale first. R.I.P. Hal Needham. And thanks to Lunchmeat for paying attention.

Thank YOU, Andrew, for making some seriously bitchin’ magnetic magic and supporting the analog dream. Cult Movie Mania does it up right, Tapeheads, so be sure to groove on over to their site, join their nifty newsletter and get magnetically maniacal, man. They got the goods, brotherrrrr.

Groove and Groove and watch THE GROOVE TUBE.

Josh Schafer

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