Vintage VHS Candy?! It Exists! Check Out This Obscure 1988 FLEER Creation Called CRAZY VIDEO CANDY!

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Vintage VHS Candy?! It Exists! Check Out This Obscure 1988 FLEER Creation Called CRAZY VIDEO CANDY!

Here in Lunchmeat Land, VHS tapes and bitchin’ sweet treats are two things that just go hand in hand, man. So, you can imagine our excitement when an absolutely radical VHS-driven novelty confection called Crazy Video Candy was recently brought to our attention by Videovore Ryan Tyler via an original post by Steve Banes in the popular Facebook forum Horror VHS Collectors Unite! Banes sniffed out a complete collection of the Crazy Video Candy line, which was released by Fleer in 1988, via an eBay auction that has since ended with no bids. The auction itself was arguably a bit pricey (over 150 bones) even for the full set of obscure 80s candy with the display box intact, but their allure for the fun-loving Videovore is undeniably concrete.




JUICY CANDY SHAPES! Come to find out, they ain't that juicy! Man, that KREEPSHOW case! These rule.



Information on the movie-spoofing late 80's Fleer candy creation is scarce, save a limited post on, but from what we can gather, these images (which were taken from the eBay auction) do represent these radical rewind-inclined candies in their entirety. Here’s a look below…




Tharrrr she issss, Tapeheads! The complete Crazy Video Candy collection. CROCODILE DUMDEE FOR MEEEE!!



Fellow Videovore and all-around cool person Angi Moss also entered the conversation on HVHSCU! with some pics of these video-driven delights from her collection, showing off the twenty-eight year-old sweets, which were still sealed in the bag.




Still sealed in the package, man! No shame: I'd try 'em. PHOTO: Angi Moss



She also shared an image of the outstanding detail on the back of the Crazy Video Candy packaging, which was molded to look like the back of actual VHS tape. Dig it below, dude...




Look at these beauts! Quite possibly one of the only instances of a good type of VHS mold. PHOTO: Angi Moss



Pretty killer, eh, Tapeheads? We think so, too. Oh, and if you’re looking for some other VHS-driven candy concessions, be sure to take a peek at some BHS GUM, which also parodied some popular film and pop culture of the day! Our favorite? The Nightmare on Elm Street spoof. Gum in your hair? Yeah, that IS a total nightmare, dude. Also: EDDIE CHEWGER!

Groove and Groove and Gim’me That VHSoul Food!




Josh Schafer


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