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Comedian David Movrin AKA Movrinoscopy Gets All Mixed Up in Some Magnetic Magic as He Hosts Briarwood Entertainment’s PUSS BUCKET and the Fresh VHS Mix-Tape from King Necron DREAM CASTLE: VOLUME 2!

With a perfectly manicured mustache and his essential era-accurate 80s attire, David Movrin is ready to break-dance on your funny bone and totally invade your VCR. Spring boarding from his self-made (and still jammin’) YouTube channel into the fresh VHS movement, Movrin has served as master of magnetic ceremonies on the Briarwood Entertainment re-issue of PUSS BUCKET, impressing Tapeheads with his endearingly awkward yet confident demeanor and no-fucks-given brand of humor. Fast forward to a few months later and he’s already at it again teaming up with the magnificent mix-tape maestro King Necron to guide you through a magnetically delicious, anti-digitally demented tour of the DREAM CASTLE: VOLUME 2. Read on, my fellow magnetic munchers, and hide your Members Only jackets…. Movrinoscopy is on the loose!


A most glorious head shot of the most handsome David Movrin. The pristine mustache on display. TOIGHT.

LM: Tell us a little about yourself, David. What is it... that you do? DM: I recently graduated from Broadcasting School and I work part-time at a radio station. Since I have a lot of free time I'm normally working on something video-oriented for both my YouTube channel and other various projects. I also frequent local Goodwill's and other thrift shops at least 4 times a week.


The full artwork for Briarwood Entertainment's PUSS BUCKET Movrin-fied by Nate Higley. Glorious, indeed!

You've worked with Briarwood Entertainment on PUSS BUCKET, and now you've just completed and released DREAM CASTLE: VOLUME 2 with King Necron. Tell us how you got connected with these projects and your role. The PUSS BUCKET thing came out of a conversation I had with Justin Rice on the balcony of the Super 8 at the Spring 2013 Cinema Wasteland. I told him that I had previously talked to Lisa to gauge her interest in re-releasing PUSS BUCKET and that she was into the idea. As far as hosting it, Justin liked my YouTube videos and I commented on how cool it would be to host a movie as insane as PUSS BUCKET. Without pause he said "Let's do it." As for DREAM CASTLE: VOLUME 2, I've been friends with King Necron via Facebook for somewhere around 2 or 3 years now. He knew about my YouTube videos, and we were both really into old-school rap so we would always go back and forth on that. When I saw that he had produced his own mixtape and that people were into it, we just got to talking and I suggested that it would be cool to host the next one he did. He was all about it and the rest is history.


A look at DREAM CASTLE: VOLUME 2 hosted by the Mighty Movrin himself! Damn, this is VHSmooth.

You're connecting with the VHS community in a big way. What's your attraction to the format? Why do you think your style fits with magnetic magic? My attraction with VHS is mostly due to the format always being a part of my life. It’s just always been there as far back as I remember. All those warm fuzzy memories of rental stores and staying up late to watch CITY SLICKERS. It's also very easy to work with. As far as my style goes, I just normally buy everything second hand. Because of this, I find TONS of cool t-shirts, polos, and jackets that are largely from the 80's and 90's: when VHS were still burnin' up the charts. That's really all I can think of, but that is an interesting question. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I may or may not look like a guy from 1988 that would be offering up my recommendations during your quandary at rental store.


Here's how Dave would most likely look if he were behind the counter at your local video store. NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO PROBLEM.

Who and / or what inspires your most radical fashion sense? The easy answer for this is that I'm just a cheapskate. I would be flat broke if I bought my clothes from anywhere but Goodwill or Salvation Army. I'm indigenous to an area of Ohio where all the guys wear camouflage and work boots, with a lip full of Grizzly. I try to separate myself from that as much as possible. Another thing that influences my fashion sense is hardcore gangsta rap. What I mean by that is, all they do is rap about murder, drugs, guns, etc., and even though they have always had a backlash from the mainstream media and political pundits, they continue to spit that hardcore pipe-hittin' gangsta shit. It's that whole not giving a single F attitude and that’s what I do with my wardrobe: give zero F's.


Zero F's were given when creating this image, and the result is beautiful. This is what it's all about.

Are you still collecting tapes? What are your thoughts on the current VHS collector community? And the rebirth of appreciation and celebration that's happening? I am still collecting, yes. I don't cut time out of my schedule to go on hunts like I once did, nor do I check Craigslist for potential mega scores, but if I'm out at a thrift shop I always make it a point to look through the VHS every time. As far as the current VHS collecting community and the rekindled interest in the format, I think it's great. I would never discourage anyone from getting into it as long it's for the right reasons. There are a few bad apples so to speak, but I think that's something that will happen within any collecting society. I want VHS collecting to get huge, much like vinyl records, to where they have their own section at Best Buy or any other major retail store. I'm all about the new wave of VHS celebration. Who are some of your favorite comedians? Favorite flicks? Snacks? A lot of what I do is heavily influenced by stand-up comedy. I was reading George Carlin books back in High School, and since then I've got really into Andrew Dice Clay, Sam Kinison, Bobcat Goldthwait and Bill Hicks… all old school guys. You know for being such a seemingly common question, I hardly ever get asked what my favorite flicks are. I like all sorts of movies, but my flag is deeply planted into the comedy genre. Stuff like BLAZING SADDLES and THE JERK are unstoppable. When I started collecting VHS, though, I started to develop more of a taste for other genres and really grew an appreciation for stuff from the late 60's and early 70's like MIDNIGHT COWBOY and BONNIE & CLYDE. I keep telling everyone my favorite flick is Brian DePalma's HI, MOM!, but for whatever reason, people don't take me seriously. It's genius, gritty, and genuinely funny and showcases just how talented DePalma is as a filmmaker even early on in his career. As far as snacks go, I always opt for the snacks that make the least amount of noise amidst the snacking. As much as I love Doritos and Funyuns, it's too tough to catch every line of dialogue while crunchin'. I can't be missing out on any major plot developments! Because of that reason I have found that Kazoozles and Laffy Taffy (non-banana flavored) really satisfy.


You won't miss any dialog with these oozin' between yo teeth! MOVRIN APPROVED!

What's next for you, Dave? Where can we keep up with you? Working with King Necron on DREAM CASTLE: VOLUME 3. We already have a concept and a pretty good idea of what the storyline will be. Now it's just a matter of writing and shooting. Stay tuned for that sooner than later! You can check out my YouTube channel here. I'm on Twitter @retro_velcro and you can also follow me on Tumblr and if you're on Instagram you can find me under the name @membersonlydave. If anyone wants to do other videos or anything with me I'm always looking for new collaborative partners and I'm trying to get my name out there as much as possible so please feel free to get in touch and run any ideas by me. Let's make something awesome!


And as you can clearly see here, Dave is ALWAYS ready to be awesome. ON POINT and ON CAMERA.

Anything else you wanna shout out to all the Videovores out there? I've really enjoyed working with King Necron on this Dream Castle project. He's a really cool dude with some great ideas. Don't trust moldy tapes. Throw them out ASAP. Lastly, I just wanted to tell everyone to do what makes them happy. Being who you are is one of the coolest qualities someone can have, so I want to encourage everyone to stay true to that.

You heard it here, folks: true words of pure wisdom form the Mighty Movrin! I mean, what more could you ask for from an individual other than their true and unadulterated self? Hell, IMHO, there ain’t nuthin’ better than a pure original with passion, and Movrin’s got that pinned down and on steady on display. You can check out Dave and all guffaw-inducing glory on his YouTube Channel, Twitter and Instagram if you wanna have a laugh or ten. And don’t forget to hit him up on Facebook to grab your copy of DREAM CASTLE: VOLUME TWO for mass amounts of guts, dicks and tits all captured on independently produced magnetic magic. DIG IT.

Groove and Groove and Never Forget Your Roots.

Josh Schafer

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