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Chicago-based Outfit CREEPY CO. Celebrates an Essential Piece of Video Rental Store Nostalgia with 1 inch Enamel Pins and Vinyl Slipmats Featuring the Groovy GREEN HORROR GENRE STICKER!

If you’re looking for something VHSpectacular for the Videovore on your list this year, aside from the many VHS-obsessed wares available on the Official Lunchmeat Store like the brand new and Limited Edition HEART ON FOR VHS and I BELIEVE IN VHS lapel pins, we wanted to shine a little analog-inclined light on an outfit out of Chicago called Creepy Company and their newest project, which is an ode to arguably the most essential video store sticker of all-time: the green Horror genre circle! Creepy Company has celebrated the highly nostalgic rental store sticker in two groovy fashions. First, in an open edition 1 inch circle hard enamel lapel pin that once you stick it on ya, is apt to make you feel just like one of those busted up but beautiful horror rentals from those video store days of yore. And that’s pretty groovy, man. Here’s a look at the pin below.


Radical rows of the 1 inch hard enamel pins. VHStick it on ya by groovin' to the Creepy Co. site.

They’ve also employed the awesomely nostalgic aesthetics of this indispensable video era sticker on a turntable slipmat in an offering to the crossover crowd of vinyl aficionados and Videovores alike. The attention to detail on this design is most excellent, and anyone that’s encountered these stickers over the years are sure to know that when it came to these bad boys, the more beat up, the better. I also really dig the dimension added by the curling corner of the sticker. It’s an all-around excellently executed ode to these staples of horror video rentals.


A look at the HORROR genre sticker vinyl slipmat in action. Dig on it HERE.

All of the specs and details on how to order can be found on the Official Creepy Company site by clickity-clicking here. Creepy Co. also offers a ton of other horror-based pins, prints and merch, so groove on over and give ‘em browse, man. They’ve got some dope digs, indeed.

Groove and Groove and VHStuff that Stocking!

Josh Schafer

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