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Check Out this Custom NES Console Via VHS, Tapeheads! This is One Incredible Slab of 80s Home Entertainment Nostaliga, Indeed!

On another one of my daily rambles through the winding virtual roads of world weird web, I was met with what might be the ultimate homage to 80s home entertainment nostalgia. We all know that the almighty VHS was king in the analog-inclined 80s, and its home gaming counterpart was the practically unrivaled and much revered Nintendo Entertainment System. And now, the two powerhouses of 80s (and 90s) I-don’t-need-to-go-outside nostalgia have been combined into one heady home entertainment haymaker. Tapeheads, may I present to you: The VideoTendo 2000!


This is what I'm talkin' about right here, Tapeheads. It looks like they even used stickers to emulate the look the reels, much like this other ingenious VHS creation.


An overhead, full look at the custom console. Hot damn! Look at that light gun, too! DIG IT.

Is this thing analog amazing or what?! I need one! No credit was attributed to the artist on where a post from February 16th, 2014 was unleashed about this amazing analog-inclined creation, but it looks this was a re-post from where it's revealed that the mind behind the magentic-mashup is Etsy user Shinobicycle. Only bummer is, it's no longer available! DANG! It was almost $225.00, so hey, whoever got it, they REALLY wanted it! Either way, I can assure you whomever concocted this fully-functional custom console is undoubtedly a home entertainment hero. If you’re out there reading this, we VHSalute you! And please let us know when you make another one! Until then, I'll be saving my VHSheckles in hopes of attaining this slab of analog-appreciating gaming excellence.

Groove and Groove and Rewind to BurgerTime.

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