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CAMP MOTION PICTURES Announces an ALTERNATIVE CINEMA Exclusive with the Release of the Jacob Ennis Backwoods Horror Flick KILL, GRANNY, KILL! on Limited Edition VHS!

From the same video vindicators that brought you the bodacious big box package for the lost low-budget horror flick THE BASEMENT, and also supplied your VCRS (in tandem with us here at LUNCHMEAT!) with a radical re-issue of Gary Cohen’s shot-on-video classics VIDEO VIOLENCE and VIDEO VIOLENCE 2 in a deluxe Diehard Videovore edition, here comes another slab of rewind retribution in the form of Jacob Ennis’ backwoods blood-belcher called KILL, GRANNY, KILL! unleashed via analog in a full-color, bottom load slipcase that'll sure sit pretty on your shelf with amazing 80s-inspired artwork from the too groovy Sadist Art Designs!


Now this is what I'm talkin' about right here, mang. And slapped on a VHS? Too bitchin'.

Here’s the VHScoop from the folks over at Alternative Cinema: Jacob Ennis’ (Stash, Hillbilly Bloodbath) newest foray into Redneck Terror is the highly anticipated Kill, Granny, Kill!, featuring newcomer Mildred Pierce as matriarch to a murderous tribe of blood-thirsty cannibals intent on ridding the world of homelessness, profanity and fornication… by way of dinner! Due to overwhelming response to the Kill, Granny, Kill Retro ‘80s style trailer and art, Camp Motion Pictures and Alternative Cinema announce a Collector’s Limited Edition VHS & DVD that will come with a 22x34 Theatrical Poster and Alternative Art Card with Note from Director Jacob Ennis, who credits Mom-and-Pop VHS stores and ‘80s “B” cinema as his inspiration for the film. Limited to 200 pieces, the Kill, Granny, Kill! Collector’s Limited Edition VHS is available exclusively through!


A peek at the actual VHS slipcase from the hand of the artist himself! Photo Cred: @sadistartdesigns on Instagram!

I actually got an in-person gander at this set at last weekend’s Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ, and it looks totally killer. The full-color, bottom-load slipcase is absolutely on point and is reminiscent of a flick you'd see parked on an old-school rental shelf. The film itself? Well, judging from the trailer, it's lookin' like a gore-soaked slashin' and hackin', people pie eatin’ good time to me! But you can be the judge of that, and check it out for yourself, Tapeheads! Groove on over to the Official Alternative Cinema site and grab your slab of this limited edition VHS vindication before they’re all gobbled up!

Groove and Groove and Stick some Fingers in the Pie.

Josh Schafer

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