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And here it is, my fellow tapeheads! It's the official press release from Camp detailing all of the info about the upcoming VIDEO VIOLENCE DIEHARD VIDEOVORE EDITION that I've been cooking up for the past few months. I'm absolutely STOKED about the release of this, and super-happy to finally be able to share the news with everyone! Read on through for a bunch of details about it and sneak peeks at the brand new artwork from Michael Parsons and Earl Kess! DIG IT! April 8, 2013 New York, NY – Independent home entertainment company Camp Motion Pictures, in conjunction with Lunchmeat Magazine and director Gary Cohen, celebrate the 25th anniversary of the seminal DIY SOV horror film Video Violence by announcing the limited Collector’s Edition release of the Video Violence Diehard Videovore Edition. Conceived by Josh Schafer, founder and editor of Lunchmeat Magazine, the project was initiated by Camp Motion Pictures’ owner Michael Raso in late 2012 when director Gary Cohen (Video Violence, Captives) informed Camp of his recent 90-minute re-edit of Video Violence and Video Violence 2. The DVD features a new interview with Gary Cohen, who reminisces about the original productions and the impetus for his re-edit. As Gary stated, “I had mixed emotions after recently seeing Video Violence projected for the first time in a movie theater. On the one hand, the plot and basic concept held up better than I anticipated, but on the other hand, I found the editing to be rather sloppy and indulgent (although, in my defense, not too, too bad considering I had only 4 hours in which to edit the first film!). But it was a revelation to load both VV1 and VV2 into my Mac, open up Final Cut Pro, and revisit them after all these years. Once I started re-editing VV1, I realized that it would now be too short, but making one film out of the two SOV's proved to be the answer! I'm quite pleased with the end result, and hope fans of the films will find this new experience to their liking!” Josh Schafer elaborated on the upcoming VV release and VHS movement, “I’m just absolutely thrilled to collaborate with Camp on the Video Violence project… Michael has been very open and receptive to my ideas and the whole process of putting the package together has been a truly exciting and fun experience… It’s extra special for me because Video Violence was the first SOV VHS tape I ever purchased, and it was a staple in my rotation from that day forward. It really captures the essence of all the things I fell in love with about collecting VHS… and to think I have a part in the production of a VHS re-issue is just amazing to me, kind of surreal… but that’s why I started LUNCHMEAT: to champion the VHS format and share it with the folks that really care about it… and that’s what I hope to do with this video re-animation… It’s an absolute must-see for every Videovore, and the best way to view it is via your VCR. And I’m really stoked on all the extras.. It’s just so much fun, and it brings the film to life in a whole new way. Toss in Gary’s new Vid Vio Redux Deluxe mash-up, and it really is the ultimate Video Violence package. This film is one of the absolute best of its kind, and Iwanted it to get the Royal Analog Treatment… I really believe all the Videovores out there are going to be so stoked. I know I am!” Limited to 250 units, the 25th anniversary Video Violence Diehard Videovore Edition features 2 red VHS tapes of the horror films Video Violence and Video Violence 2, a yellow “I’m a Lifer at the Video Studio” T-shirt, a club pin for the Video Studio, video studio membership card and a DVD of “Video Violence Redux Deluxe”, the 90 minute 2013 re-edit of VV and VVII by director Gary Cohen. The contents will be encased in a black clamshell featuring original art and design by Earl Kess and Michael Parsons. Scheduled for a late summer release, the collector’s edition package will be available at select horror and VHS fan shows, the Alternative Cinema website, and leading independent retail outlets such as NYC’s Forbidden Planet. Promotions for the upcoming release kicked off with the Video Violence Redux Deluxe 90-minute re-edit premiere Saturday April 13 at 9pm at Viva Video, sponsored by the 2013 Cinedelphia Film Festival. In attendance were director Gary Cohen and producer Josh Schafer. Stay tuned to Alternative Cinema’s facebook page for additional screenings and events!

And here's a sneak peek at some of the newly created art for the re-issue:

The totally amazing all-new artwork from Michael Parsons and Earl Kess!

The front of the Official Renter's Card!

The lovingly re-created "LIFER" shirt!

And the screening this past weekend was absolutely amazing! Here's just one of the many groovy images from the night featuring co-writer / actor Paul Kaye, myself, Director Gary Cohen and Matt D. from the mighty Blood Video with an outstanding photo bomb (flashin' duh cashhhhhh). Stay tuned to the blog for Matt's groovy recap of the entire night! It was truly magical!!

Kickin' it live at VIVA VIDEO in Ardmore, PA with co-writer / actor Paul Kaye and Director Gary P. Cohen... Matt D. in the background being awesome. This night RULED.

Josh Schafer

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