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Brian Williams and His Mostly Harmless Pictures Imprint bring TIME TO KILL Starring Ellie Church to Limited Edition VHS at HORRORHOUND WEEKEND! Bring on the Blood and Boobs via Magnetic Magic, man!!

An inclination to be behind the camera along with a lifelong love affair with fringe film has led Brian Williams to his nascent filmmaking career. It’s his frenetic affection for aligning aesthetics that has him laying his freshly finished feature film TIME TO KILL to some limited edition chunks of magnetic magic. Employing his lawfully wedded wife and scream queen starlet Ellie Church for the lead, Williams’ composite of throwback sensibilities is sure to have this flick bursting with a profusion of blood, boobies and bitchin’ retro road revenge sleaze to appease your bad taste needs. Read on, my fellow Tapeheads, and hear from Brian himself on why in his world, fringe filmmaking spells F-U-N on V-H-S…


Does this even need a caption?

LM: Can you tell us a little about your production company, how it got started, and how you came to make TIME TO KILL? BW: I have been a photographer for many years, and finally decided to spend the cash, and take the plunge into filmmaking around 15 months ago. I did a couple music videos, a fake grindhouse trailer, then a short film called PLAY ME that is on the Collective V. 6 from Jabb pictures, and then went head first into my first feature, TIME TO KILL


The Official poster for TIME TO KILL. Full-on nipples 'cause censorship SUCKS.

Tell us about TIME TO KILL. What’s it all about? How did you come to choose Ellie Church to star? I am an avid fan of what I call "fringe cinema". I love old classic exploitation films, women in prison films, Troma films, and just any films that are fun to watch, independent/low budget, and in general bad taste. I wanted my first feature to be somewhat of homage to my favorite genre/era of cinema, which is 60's/70's/80's exploitation, specifically sexploitation and revenge films. TIME TO KILL is a mash up of these styles: part road flick, part occult shocker, part revenge, and plenty of fun, nudity, and blood. Ellie Church is actually my wife, and had begun acting in various indie films for a couple years before I got involved in it myself. Having your lead actress living in the same house with you had obvious advantages, and she helped me out a lot with set design, makeup, etc.


The lovely Ellie Church rockin' the thumbs up action. Nipples again 'cause yes.

What are the influences in the film? A particular genre? Director? What can the audience expect with the feature? Definitely the sexploitation of the 70's: Russ Meyer, Jim Wynorski, Ed Wood, and then some random lighting, camera work, etc., influenced by everyone from Hitchcock to Sam Raimi, to Jess Franco, and other various overseas sleaze masters. The audience can expect plenty of T&A from a cornucopia of amazingly gorgeous actresses, an amazing soundtrack, and fun splatter/gore, with an underlying message.


And here's a little taste of that on-screen excitement... Click HERE for a little more action, mang.

You’re putting this out on Limited Edition VHS? Why put this flick on tape? Was it influenced by the culture resurgence, or was it something you had in mind from day one? This is first available at HorrorHound Weekend, right? Initially, I wanted to release the film ONLY on VHS. I wasn't aware of anyone that had done a VHS only release of a new film in many years. Then half way through production, Troma released a film on VHS only, and I didn't want to look like I was following a trend, or copying them, and I also got a lot of pressure from people that had seen screeners, friends, etc. to do a DVD release also. I wanted a VHS release, because it's that kind of film. I'm paying homage to a genre, and time period where VHS was king, and I wanted to respect that, and respect the fans, with a VHS release. Yes, the VHS will first be available at HORRORHOUND WEEKEND, during the premiere of the film. If any are left, I will have them with me a couple weeks later at Cinema Wasteland where it is also screening, and then again if any are left, I will have some at Shock Stock in London,Ontario where it is also screening. I MAY make a very small amount of them available to purchase online in between Horror Hound and Wasteland if I have enough left over, which will be able to be purchased from


The DVD artwork. Dig that low-budget sensational sleaze attack, brotherrrrr.

Do you collect VHS? What are your thoughts on the format? I DO collect vhs. Actually, selling off some of my collection helped in funding TIME TO KILL. I sold off a copy of SPINE, MARDI GRAS MASSACRE, and several more rare tapes, but I still have around 300 in my collection, including my favorite tape, big box of MICROWAVE MASSACRE, one of my all-time favorite movies. I'm a big fan of VHS, specifically for certain types of film, and obviously when the film never made it to another format.


A look at the VHS package. I hear they'll all be in random colored cases. I think this would best in a pink case. Nah' mean?

What do you think about the resurgence as a whole? Pros? Cons? I see both. Pros, because people are interested in purchasing my film on VHS, that may not have been had it been released on VHS say, three years ago. Cons because some people are paying crazy amounts for tapes, hoarding certain titles, etc. But also, as long as people are picking up tapes, taking care of them, I'm good with it. It's important to me that we don’t let classic titles that never saw another format release not die, and be preserved.


And a look at the tape stock for TIME TO KILL. Can we call this "Meat Cleavage Red"? I can dig it.

What’s next for you, man? You gonna do some more VHS in the future? I will definitely be around; I'm focusing all my time and energy right now on promoting TIME TO KILL, but I want to begin production on my second feature in around six months. I have a few ideas floating around in my head, but most likely ANYTHING I do will get at least a limited VHS release. It's just my style, my influence, and it's what I'm going to be making. I don't see myself ever doing a CGI filled ghost movie, or anything like that in the future… just more sleaze, sex, gore, and fun. Anything else you’d like to say to the Videovores out there? Keep VHS alive! Take care of your tapes, don't let the format die, and keep digging!

Hey, now! You know we can dig THAT sentiment, Brian! And he’s damn skippy, too, Tapeheads: Keep your tapes outta direct sunlight, invite your film-loving friends over for your weekly “Feed the VCR” party, and always raid random second-hand entities for video tape treasures: the analog appreciation and celebration shall never cease! SAY WORD! And speaking of feeding that VCR, be sure to stay tuned to Brian’s Mostly Harmless Pictures website for all updates on his future projects and upcoming VHS vindication; and if you’re in the Cincinatti, OH area, you best groove on out to HORRORHOUND WEEKEND, high-five Brian and snatch up your magnetically delicious copy of TIME TO KILL on Limited Edition VHS! YES! As Brian mentioned, he’ll also have leftovers at Cinema Wasteland and Shock Stock if there’s any to be had, so if you’re gonna be hangin’ at either of those amazing party time excellent events, be sure to stop by, say what’s up and grab any leftover anti-digital glory. You’re gonna dig it.

Groove and Groove and Stay Up!

Josh Schafer

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