Brewce Longo’s HEADLESS EYES CLAYMATION Comes to VHS via VIDEO ARENA! Experience a Mind-Melting Mix of Indie Animation Insanity!

Brewce Longo’s HEADLESS EYES CLAYMATION Comes to VHS via VIDEO ARENA! Experience a Mind-Melting Mix of Indie Animation Insanity!

The fresh VHS train continues to roll on, Tapeheads, and there’s little else we love more than some homegrown home video insanity. Cue Brewce Longo and the new curation of his animation creations titled HEADLESS EYES CLAYMATION. Produced on videocassette by VIDEO ARENA, the elusive analog-only imprint that brought you MONSTER JUNGLE and other VHStrange mix-tape slabs. The HEC tape is limited to 50 copies exclusively on VHS, and is available and ready to invade your VCR by visiting HERE.





Here’s a little background on Longo’s journey through his self-taught artistry:

“I started animating about 4 years ago just for fun. We named a beer after a Gumby episode at Tired Hands Brewing Company – it was called Moon Trip Part 1. The clip was just a 10-15 second short featuring Dudly (the brewery’s mascot) drinking a beer on the moon. The owner ended up using the video on the THBC Instagram and I got some good feedback, so I made a few more shorts.

I was then asked if I would do a music video for a dirty punk/roots band, The Goddamn Gallows. That video played at Philadelphia Psychotronic Film Society and got a ton of good feedback from the band’s fans. Eventually, that led to me doing a few more music videos for bands I really like and some more shorts I just wanted to do for fun.  The fact that people like Lee Hardcastle are able to make gory claymation as a full time profession is the ultimate dream.

I’m really into animators like Bruce Bickford, Robert Morgan, Henry Selick, and Dave Borthwick, but since this is more of a hobby or side project to me, I shoot much faster and with much less money than them. I take more inspiration from low-budget horror directors than animators. I’m completely self-taught; I’m learning as I go. I may lack a smooth, professional animation style, but I make up for it with lots of goofs and gore.”  


You know we can dig it, Brewce. A couple groovy brews, chased with a cocktail of old-fashioned passion and determination will totally hit the VHSpot in our rewind world!





Here are some additional details about the contents of this slab:


HEADLESS EYES CLAYMATION contains 32 minutes of animated music videos and shorts from Longo featuring music from Mike Lorenz & The Witherbees, The Goddamn Gallows, Mota, Frost Giant, Trashgodz, and bacta drop. This tape is gushing with bloody, gory, goopy, slimy, weirdo, subversive, cult animation.


HEC also includes the bonus short feature, CHEAP GORE, a 32-minute mixtape of all the sickest scenes of underground, homemade horror. The first 25 copies will come with a color top flap, and HEC stickers.


Fast forward to the HEADLESS EYES CLAYMATION store, and snatch one up before you can’t, dudes! Don’t forget to tell ‘em LUNCHMEAT VHSent ya!



Groove and Groove and See You in Cartoonland.


Josh Schafer

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