Berenstain Bears or Berenstein Bears: Does this VHS Prove The Mandela Effect is Real?

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Berenstain Bears or Berenstein Bears: Does this VHS Prove The Mandela Effect is Real?

By Ted Gilbert

For those of our rewind-inclined readers unfamiliar with "The Mandela Effect," it is an odd psychological phenomenon that manifests as a shared false memory. A whole bunch of people will all claim to remember some mundane aspect of the world that never was. 

A particularly compelling example of the effect has to do with the ubiquitous children's franchise, The Berenstain Bears. That's right -ain, though I'm sure some of you reading this will swear on your life that it was actually The Berenstein Bears. The wilder fringes of conspiratorial thought even posit that The Berenstain Bears come from a different parallel universe, and that sometime between 1986 and 2011, that universe merged with this one, where it was always Berenstein… 

But of course it was never ein; it's just our minds playing tricks on us. Our brains are primed to see the more common ending, so we just look past it, move on, and never think about it. 

Or do we? The spine label on the VHS release of “Learn About Strangers” and “The Disappearing Honey” clearly reads Berenstein Bears on the spine label?! Don't worry: it's not a hoax or a photoshop (as many have thought before) and we've got video evidence to prove it! See the video above on our YouTube. 

So that leaves us with the lingering question: is this curious artifact merely the work of a lazy copy editor, or is it a rewind relic from another world? And could this typo have a sort of chain reaction where one kid (or parent) saw it, and started saying Berenstein… and then others did the same… all stemming from this one typo? That brain melter is up for debate, and destined for you to decide, Tapeheads!


  • lisa osborne

    Definitely Berenstein Bears. I have more proof!

  • Mattie

    Dude. I remember being at my grandparents as a child in the late 80’s I remember seeng the date on a Berenstein Bears book as 1989, but it was spelled-stain I was like no wait it is supposed to be spelled with an e. I’m 41 now it’s just something weird I remember.

  • Art

    I collected the entire series in the early eighties and still have it. It’s ein. The son changed it as a way to drum up controversy and keep the franchise relevant for sales.

  • Jmoney

    It was spelled: Ein even on tv was spelled the same!

  • Dee

    I clearly remember the ein ending of Berenstein Bears because this was my favorite as a little girl and I wrote down the name to remember for a book fair at school. It has to be multiverses. Crazy!

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