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ASTRO NAUTICO Unleashes Amazing Limited Edition VHS Re-Issue of CRYSTAL VISTA from New Age Pioneer Musician IASOS!! Full Info and Sneak Peek at the Video!!

Hey-yo, Videovores! Here's a heads up on some absolutely fantastic fresh VHS news from Brooklyn, NY-based analog-inclined outfit Astro Nautico! Available for the first time since its inception in 1981, Astro Nautico has proudly unleashed a limited edition VHS re-issue (50 copies) featuring the absolutely incredible synergistic audio / visual work of Greek-born and US-based artist IASOS. Described as a pioneer of the “New Age” genre and inter-dimensional being, the psychology department at Plymouth State College has rated the IASOS album “Angelic Music” as being closest to the music heard by people who have had near-death experiences. Now that's some mystical magnetic magic, eh, Tapeheads?! I'd VHSay so!! Read on for more info on the release, images, a preview of the VHS and info on how to score your slab...


A look at the cover for the Limited Edition VHS of IASOS - "CRYSTAL VISTA" from Astro Nautico. Dig those mystical video vibes, dude.

FROM ASTRO NAUTICO: “Pioneer musician and inter-dimensional being Iasos created Crystal Vista as a thesis in the sights and sounds of the New Age at the time of its release in 1981. The famous philosopher Alan Watts declared, “Iasos is doing the classical music of the New Age.” By re-issuing this seminal work on VHS format, Astro Nautico points to what is timelessly classical about Iasos’s sounds, while celebrating the novelty of a pivotal moment: that time when New Age deepened itself with a visual dimension.” A synergistic 30-minute video program by Iasos, "Crystal Vista" comprises Iasos’ visualizations to four of his original musical compositions. The musical-visual language of Crystal Vista narrates an other-worldy journey through vibrant special effects and heavenly images, creating a captivating and uplifting mythos. It is a just accompaniment for Iasos’ music, which features shimmering harps and cymbal brushes flickering over resounding synth bass swells and sweeps of resonance that wash the mind like a cloth. With Crystal Vista, Iasos’ intended to create a vessel to transport viewers on a journey through inter-dimensional spaces. To achieve this goal he enlisted the assistance of most of the top visionary new-age painters of that time period - blending their images with nature photography, special effects videography, and pictures of celestial bodies captured by satellites. The scope of Crystal Vista as a project was unprecedented at the time. There is much to be appreciated today in its peaceful grandeur. On release, it won awards: first prize in ‘Video Art’ at the national Santa Cruz Video Festival and honors at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 1984 for “One of the most original programs of the year”. Today, it seeks nothing but the award of your attention. You will be thrilled to discover what dimensions it opens. The past, the origin time, when historical and technological conditions intersected to make this moment possible; or the future: what optimism this art contains and what of that containment may, through us, be released again.”


A more complete look at the IASOS - "CRYSTAL VISTA" Limited Edition VHS from Astro Nautico. Now this is some serious VHS and Chill material, man.

The both aurally and visually amazing limited edition VHS re-issue of IASOS - "Crystal Vista" is currently available exclusively from Astro Nautico via their Big Cartel Shop by visiting this here hot link. This rewind-inclined re-animation of IASOS' truly tremendous work is sure to warp your gourd, Tapeheads, and they’re apt to sell out sooner than you think, so don’t VHSleep on ‘em! This tape just might be your ticket to a totally different dimension. And that's pretty groovy, man.

Groove and Groove and Hang on the Analog Edge of Death.

Josh Schafer

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