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Artist Anthony Troester Mashes Up Sony Blank VHS Box Aesthetics with the VHS AND CHILL Meme to Create a Most Excellent Parody on Mugs, Shirts and Much More!

If you’ve been making your rounds throughout the world weird web over the past couple of months, chances are you’ve been met with the permeating presence of the VHS and CHILL? meme, which is currently running wild across the internet landscape. If you haven’t seen it, get out from under that rewind rock and treat yourself to a quick chuckle, man! With the currently prevalent status of this particular meme, it seems it was only a matter of time before someone would use its humor to inspire a piece of art to help spread the humorous joy of its implicit inquiry. My fellow, Tapeheads, I give you, the VHS and Chill coffee mug!


The VHS and Chill design from Anthony Troester! High Quality. No Standards.

A clever and hilarious take on the aesthetics of the Sony Dynamicron T-120 VHS box, the design was crafted by graphic artist Anthony Troester and is actually available on an array of items including the mug pictured above, throw pillows, iPhone covers, tote bags, shirts, hoodies and whole bunch of other groovy stuff all via his personalized Society6 store. So go ahead, Tapeheads: VHSip some of your favorite beverage outta this bad boy and support some analog-inclined indie art while you’re at it. You know we can dig it.

Groove and Groove and Just Have Fun With It!

Josh Schafer

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