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AOTB Video AKA Afraid of the Basement Re-Animates the Obscure Public Access Show FORBIDDEN TRANSMISSION with Limited Edition VHS! PLUS! Another Radical Rewind Announcement from AOTB!

Tapeheads who frequent VHS-obsessed Facebook boards such as Horror VHS Collectors Unite! and VHS Misfits are apt to be familiar with the presence and outspoken influence of Afraid of the Basement main brain and fellow Videovore Bobias B. Borris. His gorgeously designed (and sometimes made-to-order, one-of-a-kind) unauthorized analog editions of films like Trick r’ Treat and Spring Breakers are certainly a VHSight to behold and are particularly hot among certain collectors as they're seen as aesthetically superb pieces of fresh VHS culture. His unauthorized editions aside, Bobias has recently entered the realm of officially licensed slabs of black plastic and magnetic magic with the release of a four volume set featuring the Albuquerque, NM based public access show FORBIDDEN TRANSMISSION which was created by Skeleton Farm Productions in 2007.


A small sampling of AOTB's slabs of unauthorized analog. They's prettay... they's oh-so prettay!

Here’s some info on the rewind re-animations, direct from AOTB HQ: Afraid of the Basement presents: FORBIDDEN TRANSMISSION. Originally aired as a public access series spanning 8 episodes and various specials, it has since become a cult series only available only in obscure areas of the web. But now, FORBIDDEN TRANSMISSION is available to own on in a limited edition videocassette set for the very first time! The release consists of four volumes with two episodes on each volume. Each tape is an hour long and every order comes with some cool extras! The HOLIDAY TRANSMISSION is the fifth volume and includes a HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, CHRISTMAS SPECIAL, and a DRINKING GAME!


The four volume set of FORBIDDEN TRANSMISSION on Limited Edition VHS from AOTB! Grab these slabs HERE!

We’ll drink to that, man! Here’s a teaser trailer showing what’s in VHStore for the Tapeheads who wanna toss this collection on their shelf and make it a part of their VCR’s anti-digital diet: Quite an eclectic concoction of low-budget obscurity and insanity, eh, Tapeheads? I’d VHSay so, man. Not only is this a radical effort of public access preservation saving FT from further slipping into the cracks of imminent obscurity, it’s also an aesthetically well-put-together collection that’s sure to tickle the fancy of all fans of weird entertainment, man. And that’s pretty groovy.


A VHSneak preview at the alternate clamshell artwork for AOTB's VHS release of THE DICKS FROM TEXAS. Dig that dirty VHShit, man!

And if you’re diggin’ on these slabs, AOTB Video has plenty more for you to VHScore, so be sure to groove on over their Official site and check out their rewind wares, man. Also, Bobias and his AOTB Video brand are just about ready to unleash a fully licensed Official Limited Edition VHS (75 copies) of the full-length doc on underground punk legends from Austin, TX The Dicks called THE DICKS FROM TEXAS, complete with an intro from the one and only Jello Biafra. Stay Tuned for that, Tapeheads, and stick some Dicks in your VCR!

Groove and Groove and Yeah, I Totally Just VHSaid That.

Josh Schafer

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