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Another Groovy Analog-Oriented Goodie Has Arrived, Tapeheads! Hide Your Valuables via Home Video with The VHS Secret Stash Box from!

As the appreciation and celebration of the almighty VHS format seems to continue to spread exponentially throughout the film-fanatic and collector culture, the love for the format has also readily bled into the universe of creative and crafty individuals. “Upcycling” VHS is a practice that has been employed more frequently over recent times, resulting in VHS sunglasses, purses, photo frames and storage, digital clocks, coffee tables and a whole mess of analog-inspired sculpture.


Thiiiissss... LOOKS like a VHS. But it's not a VHS, IT'S A STASH BOX! (in Mark's voice from SLC PUNK.).Those reels ain't real, man! They're stickers! DIG IT!

Cue Philadelphia based proprietors Mr. Lobo and Dixie Dellamorto who have a vast collection of B-horror-loving goodies to choose from, but it’s Dixie’s brand spankin' new VHS stash box that Videovores might find to be beneficial for tucking away their most precious compact possessions.


I see the foamies! Nice touch! Annnnnnnnnd JACKPOT! Low-budget ballin' ALL DAY.

Claimed to be in a prototypical stage, but lookin' good and now available, here are the details for the box directly from the groovy ghouls over at HHM: “Hide your extra special valuables in an upcycled VHS turned Stash Box. We have lined the inside with foamies and created stickers that look like tape and sprockets in the front and back windows to make this safe look as authentic as possible. Right now we have EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and BACK TO THE FUTURE, but we have many more to make so check back often!!"

VHSstash_4A closer look at the detail on the front of the VHS Stash Box with the faux-reel stickers. TOO GROOVY.

You can grab your slice of anti-digital deception for just 15 bones, mang, and hide away your VHS-buying budget, secret alien identity card or as the title implies, some of your secret stash! NOISH. Perhaps HMM will delve into some nobody’s-gonna-watch-that classics like TITANIC and JERRY MAGUIRE, or head into the cult classics realm with essential analog titles like NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and PLAN 9? Who knows!? I’m excited to find out! Stay tuned to HMM’s Official Etsy shop and Storenvy to see which radical video slabs they’ll transform into inconspicuous analog retainers next!

Groove and Groove and Howdy Doody DOES have wooden balls.

Josh Schafer

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