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Analog Oddity Gone Viral! A Mysterious VHS Copy of HELLRAISER Seems to be Perpetually Perched Atop a UK Bus Stop! Public Transit Patrons Stumped!

There’s been a decidedly unique and intriguing analog-inclined story rumbling about the internet as of late, with a wave of ricocheted reports detailing the mysterious presence of a VHS copy of the seminal British horror flick Hellraiser perched atop an Old Kent bus stop, curiously captivating those who catch a glimpse of it. The bulk of the reports were culled from one man’s account of the cenobite-driven curiosity, bolstered by numerous individual sightings communicated via social media which serve to detail the timeline of Pinhead perched atop the Old Kent Road (Elephant & Castle) stop, looming above the puny public transit patrons.


There he is. Staring into your soul. Telling you to watch him on VHS when you get home. Sinister, man. (photo credit: @pangolinblues)

Here again is the link to the original story, and one of the more popular reposts, but it seems that the VHS tape sat there for a good two years, taking on the eroding elements of sun, rain, bird poop and the like, only to fade like any earthly VHS tape might. Then, ANOTHER copy of the film appeared. Then the legend dictates that both copies were cleared (presumably by authorities or officials), only to have a new VHS copy of the film to appear again. Then disappear. Then appear again! Whoa, man. Spooky! Deliberate! Diabolical! Malign suggestions from another dimension or not, the locals around the stop sure seem to be having fun with the inexplicable analog-oriented oddity.


Yup, still there. Faded or not, still looking FIERCE. (photo credit: @mapesburyroad)

So the questions prick at the brain: Is it a conspiracy? Is it a funny form of some horror fans OCD? Could it be a comfort mechanism for some frequent passerby? Or perhaps just a simple act of consistency held up by an unnamed unit of people hellbent on perpetuating a Hellraiser presence in a public space? The truth is out there, but that would ruin all the fun. Now if the bus company really wanted to take this for all it’s worth, maybe they could change their slogan to “We Have Such Stops to Show You!” I can’t believe no one has used that joke yet! So, what do YOU think this VH-Stray tape atop the bus stop is all about? One thing’s for sure: I can’t wait to see the next viral VHS phenomenon. Hopefully, it’ll be video copies of The Shining showing up in front of hotels across the country. Now that would make some world weird web waves and how.

Groove and Groove and Just Have Fun It.

Josh Schafer

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