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Analog-Inclined Artist MATTHEW DIX Creates Absolutely Stunning VHS Art / Packaging for Contemporary Films Under the Banner of OFFTRACKOUTLET! Full Exclusive Interview!

With the widespread resurgence of interest and affection for the VHS format, it seems a whole new wave of nostalgia-driven artistic creation has bubbled up within the ever-growing VHSphere. One such analog-inclined talent (which we’ve flash featured here in Lunchmeat Land in the recent past) is graphic designer and all-around super-skilled artist Matthew Dix. He’s been creating absolutely gorgeous VHS versions of modern films that amaze in every way from his attention to detail down to the actual construction of the physical presentation. He’s currently showcasing his work on an Instagram feed under the @OffTrackOutlet banner, and recently posted a radical video detailing the process of creating these pieces which we highly recommend checking out. But first, groove through this exclusive interview and get to know the artist here in LM Land as Matthew explains the inspiration, process and foreseeable future for his undoubtedly stellar VHS-driven art. Read on, my fellow Videovores, and see some of the most popular modern movies get turned into real live magnetic magic…


The fantasy turned fully-functional VHS version of INTERSTELLAR from Matthew Dix / OffTrackOutlet. Damn, this is amazing, man!

Tell us a little about yourself and your artistic background. Have you always been attracted to the aesthetics of VHS? What was the inspiration to start creating these retro VHS designs for new flicks? Hey, my name is Matthew Dix. I studied study graphic design and being an avid movie goer, films have always played huge roles in my creative process. I started @offtrackoutlet (referencing the off-tracked picture in damaged VHS tapes and outlet meaning my hopes to one day sell them) to showcase my VHS work. Originally I got the inspiration when I wanted to take an ‘80’s over the top action movie’ a couple of my friends and I filmed and dub it onto a blank VHS tape. From there I realized with this same method I could do the same with some the movies I owned digitally on my computer and go back and redo some of my favorite movies in the beautifully shitty quality of a VHS. This project was a real challenge at first but the results and feedback have been well worth it. I wanted to take the ‘modern VHS’ art I’ve seen before and take it to the next level by making them actually functional and not just for show.


OffTrackOutlet / Matthew's VHS version of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. The detail, man. The edge wear. Too rad.

Yeah, so your work isn’t just Photoshopped images, but physical pieces that you’ve designed, printed and constructed. You even dub the films on VHS in the right ratio to create a full-on fantasy VHS production. Can you go over the process of creating these VHSpectacular packages? That’s correct! All of the tapes are designed, printed and constructed by hand, everything from the size of the box to the semi-gloss of the cover! It was a real challenge find a way to dub the movie onto a tape. I began to think it wasn't even possible but with the help and patience of a few friends we figured it out. The movies that are dubbed and are in the correct pan & scan ratio! I can say that it is pretty much an exact replica of what the movie would look and feel like if it came out from the past! To create the box, I have created a blank template that matches the exact size of an original VHS box. I am a big fan of the movies from the 70’s and 80’s. Their box art consisted with a lot of framing of the poster. Unlike today all of our box art has the cover taking over the whole box. So typically I'll try and keep to the tradition, and if a movie is missing a little flare I'll scan a VHS box I own or find online that has a price sticker or genre label and Photoshop it onto the cover! Instant VHS aesthetics!


A rewindable version of THE REVENANT created by OffTrackOutlet. Also, GO LEO GO!

What are some of your favorite VHS releasing labels of the past (or present!)? Which labels provide you with the most inspiration when re-creating the look of the rewind era? I love the look of Media Entertainment and Paragon Video’s VHS covers. They have a very creative look to them that really sets them apart from others. I like to try and go to their style when re-creating a movie!


A look at the side spines for the array of VHS versions created by Matthew Dix / OffTrackOutlet. Das alotta analog excellence, mang!

I know there’s been a lot of people asking, but are you selling these pieces? I imagine with copyright and all, that’s impossible… but are you doing any other sort of VHS creation that you can get to all the Tapeheads out there? Are you interested in doing custom requests for certain flicks? These aren't for sale, but I have been working on a side project that won't include the tape but still focuses around the art of a VHS box. But more on that in the future. I would love to hear what people want to see become VHS-ized I love it when people make suggestions and want to get involved, it really drives me to keep making them!


Another view featuring more of Matthew's work. Fresh VHS label Sub-Rosa gettin' some love, too! NOISH.

Where’s the best place for us to take a look at all of your work, man? Where can we keep up with you? For right now you can find me on Instagram under @offtrackoutlet and soon I'll be on twitter under the same name and for contact information, you can reach me at! I'd love to hear from anyone. What’s next for you? Are there any modern flicks out there that you’re really keen on crafting as a VHS release? I have a lot of ideas that have been brewing inside that I want branch off on while keeping the VHS aesthetic. I would love to do something similar like the talented UFO party did with creating VHS designed pillows. A collab would be fucking amazing. As for movies, I want to do a Tarantino and Wes Anderson VHS collection. I feel both directors have a look that would fit that of a VHS!


THE HATEFUL EIGHT brought to rewind reality by OffTrackOutlet. Just beautiful, dude. SO good.

Anything else you’d like to shout out to all the Videovores here in Lunchmeat Land? Thank you for the support and all of the positive feedback! I’ll stick around and keep retro-izing these movies as long as I can, so keep the suggestions coming! Hopefully we can make enough noise and raise some attention to this and maybe see VHS on shelves again!!

Yo, you KNOW we can dig that! Matthew has also recently started to create OST cassette versions of modern movies (which are, of course, not for sale because of copyright issues), but one can only hope that some of these film companies take note of his amazing work and collaborate to bring their films to this kind of artistic, tactile VHS reality that’s sure to please a great deal of physical media proponents the world over. Matthew, here in Lunchmeat Land, we VHSalute you! So, what are you waiting for, man? GO FOLLOW OFF TRACK OUTLET and ENJOY THE UNADULTERATED ANALOG AESTHETICS!

Groove and Groove and Rewind to the Future.

Josh Schafer

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