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Analog-Inclined Artist KYLEBUNGA Creates Downloadable Custom Artwork for a Fantasy DEATH WISH VHS Box Set! Grab it HERE for FREE, Tapeheads!

There’s absolutely no doubt that an explosive expansion of VHS appreciation is now erupting across the internet landscape and beyond, Tapeheads. Luckily for us, it also comes a whole new wave of artistic creation, as well, birthing a bunch of rewind-inclined re-animations celebrating the amazing aesthetics held by the almighty VHS. Analog-inclined artists like OffTrackOutlet (full LM interview here!) and IamSteelberg are supplying Tapeheads’ Instagram feeds with absolutely stunning fantasy VHS editions that not only have undeniable appeal to VHS-lovin’ folks everywhere, but also have the power to attract a new slew of potential Tapeheads to engage in the many wonders of the rewind way. Cue low-brow artist extraordinaire and full-on Videovore Kylebunga. His illustration style just oozes with that pizza-munching, party-till-you-puke attitude and has helped him create pieces for killer companies like Creature Skateboards and Sizzle Pie. He also just dropped the first issue of his own low-brow illustration zine UNIBROW and is just about ready to unleash a totally radical tribute to VHS with KYLEBUNGA’S BIG BOX OF BULLSHIT which will contain a most excellent mess of stickers, pins and a bunch of other groovy little goodies housed in a clamshell case with full-color artwork. You can check out the “Official Lunchmeat Screener Edition” below, and stay tuned to his Official Store for the release of that bad boy, which should happen in the next few days!


A look at the LM Screener Copy of the KYLEBUNGA "Big Box of Bullshit" release, and the first issue of UNIBROW ZINE. Awesome stuff overload, dude!

Kylebunga’s newest VHS-lovin’ project is one that’s apt to get fans of classic explosive action totally VHStoked, man. He’s recently designed a set of fully downloadable VHS covers for all five of the DEATH WISH films, made to slip right into your spare small clamshells to create your very own custom DEATH WISH boxset. The best part? It’s totally free, dude. Yes, man. FREE. Just click the link below, download, print, and slip ‘em in. BUH-BAM! BAD ASS DEATH WISH VHS BOX SET. Dig it. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR DEATH WISH BOXSET ARTWORK, MAN! So, why did KB want to create these magnetic magic mini-masterpieces? Here’s KYLEBUNGA on the inspiration behind the creation: “As we all know, Bronson was the OG vigilante badass muther fucker! Most VHS collectors have at least one (if not all five) Bronson Death Wish flicks landing somewhere in their collection. What sucks about the Death Wish series (from an anal collector’s perspective) is that there is no continuity to them. They all have random ass box art and multiple releases from varying distributors. So this is where I decided to step in and give this series the “sexy on the shelf” treatment it so badly needed. So I sourced some of the best (in my opinion) art from each of the films. Some are from the better looking releases and others come from promo posters and French release posters, while trying to keep that grind house aesthetic. Aside from the screen caps on the back for each film, the rest is just Photoshop wizardry with some beat to shit rental store flair. Topped ‘em off with full a synopsis and accurate run times to boot. Files are available for free to anyone who rules enough to want to try it out, just print and play! (Glossy photo paper recommended!). They are made to fix your basic black (clear or white) snap clamshell boxes. Some slight trimming may be required depending on the specific clam (not all black clams came from the same factory after all). I couldn't be more stoked with the result and I hope others will get a kick out them as well. Let’s all give Bronson the box set he deserves!!” I know that’s right, man! Here are a few pics of the printed boxset in action:

IMG_5763The front covers. Love that ex-rental feel, mang.

IMG_5764The backs, complete with killer attention to analog-era detail.

IMG_5768This is how it's going to look on your VHShelf, Tapeheads. Too sexy. Just too damn VHSexy.

IMG_5761One last look at the spines just because DAMN. And the release year on each one? DAMN.

Totally dope, eh, Tapeheads? No doubt, indeed. In case you missed it earlier, JUST CLICK THIS LINK, download the files and you’re on your way to having the DEATH WISH boxset of your anti-digital dreams. This kind of VHShit rules, man. KYLEBUNGA, we here in Lunchmeat Land VHSalute you!!

Groove and Groove and Don’t Stop Until the VHScreaming Starts!

Josh Schafer

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