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Analog Appreciating Entrepreneur Greg Smith Offers Up Slabs of Former Rental VHS Spanning from Exploitation Favorites to Adult Fare All in One Online Location with!

Entrepreneurially-inclined analog aficionados are becoming more and more abundant in this perpetually expanding world of VHS collector culture. We currently exist in a head-spinning kind of mini-universe where the voracious hunger for non-stop video bliss spills out upon always active online forums such as Horror VHS Collectors Unite! and VHS Misfits Ironfist VHS Bliss replete with a whirlwind of liking, commenting, and personal messaging, inevitably leading to the buying, trading and selling of our favorite format. It’s a no-holds barred kind of place, where love for your fellow Videovore is prominent, but not promised. There’s always a slight chance that a deal could go VHSour, or you may be beset by the dreaded bubble-mailer bummer. It’s happened to the best of us, mang. Enter Greg Smith and his video-selling-centric venture VHS Collectibles. He’s out to create a space for the Tapeheads that offers everything on tape from exploitation favorites to eye-popping adult fare, all for a nice price with a customer-satisfaction frame of mind. He’s also got a few ideas on how to solidify the often scandalous subject of dollar value on slabs of magnetic magic. Read on, my fellow Videovores, and take a VHStroll through some ready-to-buy former rental glory…


Triple Tape Threat! DIG IT. DIG IT. DIG IT. Plenty more on, duder.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your Videovore habits? Which particular slabs of magnetic magic really get you goin? I’m drawn to the Golden Age of Italian Horror films, i.e. 1970’s. From directors Argento, Fulci, Lenzi, and Massaccessi, just to name a very few! The absolute best film of this period in my opinion is actually not fully Italian, but Spanish; The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue. Watch that movie and if it doesn’t grab you, you should find a different genre.


Artwork for the VIP clamshell release of THE LIVING DEAD AT MANCHESTER MORGUE. Dig it. Never seen it? Fix dat.

Bold and Beautiful, man! How did idea start up? What was the impetus behind it? You got the bulk of your stock from one store in FL, I believe? It actually starts back in 1999. I was a 20 year old kid before widespread internet looking for Trap Them & Kill Them. Two years I looked everywhere I could and no luck. Then I saw an ad in the local paper “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS”. It was for a local video store Bach’s Office Video . Long story short, they had the movie and the owner and I got to talking. Fast forward to 2014, I asked him “What did you ever do with all those old VHS movies?” His reply, “They’re in my garage.” I asked if I could have a couple, 3000 plus titles later VHS Collectibles was born.


You need some Media Home Entertainment jams? Greg's got 'em, mang! PURPLE PEOPLE EATER 5EVA.

You already have a groovy selection on your site, navigable by genre, searchable by title and distributor. There seems to be a good amount of adult stuff on there, too. Even 8MM! Can you give the Tapeheads here in Lunchmeat Land a quick overview of what to expect on the site now, and as it grows? The site now contains roughly 300 titles at any given time. So we will be updating regularly. My “fetish” if you would call it that is of the “Golden Age of Porn” era. This has also caused a fair amount of issues as far as accepting credit cards. Due to the rules of various processors, Adult is unwelcomed to say the least. This has really hurt my ability to offer customers an easy way of purchase. But, no business is without challenges. I think we currently offer one of the greatest examples of VHS products, with prices that are below market values. My goal is make VHS Collectibles the Metropolis Comics of the VHS world.


Just a small VHSample of the hundreds of titles now available on! Oh, yes. They have A LOT of Adult stuff, too.

You’re interested in purchasing collections, as well, right? Can you explain the process of that? Always! To attract new customers and to service existing customers, we must constantly obtain new and exciting product. The market for VHS is today where comics was 20-25 years ago. It’s very fragmented with most transactions happening peer to peer. I want to establish a trusted provider for collectors to know that they can always expect a quality item.


A slice of the aforementioned Adult selection. HOOTERSVILLE?! Your VCR is the ticket to ride, mang.

How do you go about pricing the tapes / items on the site? I scour the forums, completed eBay listings, and then try to price my items below the going rate. I’m helped by the fact that my cost basis is zero. This always me to be more aggressive on pricing and in the end my customers realize a true savings.


Groovy price on a totally underrated gem. VIDEOVORE APPROVED!

What do you want the site to do for the VHS collecting community? How has the reaction been thus far? As I mentioned, I would like to see the VHS collecting market mature. Creating official rating on how a movie should be graded, so it’s not left up to the seller. This measure will create a trust that ultimately will benefit the collector. The reactions have been very positive! Already we have photos of customer’s purchases on Facebook. We are in this for the long haul, so as always it takes a certain amount of time to gain the trust of customers. But, in time, I feel we will soon be the premiere site for VHS collecting. Anything else you want to shout out to all the Videovores eyeballin’ this VHS obsessed slab of internet?! Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll find that must have title on our site!

I’m sure Tapeheads will groove on over and take a look-see, mang! Quench that curiosity and mosey on over to this nascent slab of VHSupplying internet to peruse what VHS Collectibles has to offer on your analog addiction, Videovores! They’ve got a ton of tapes ready to roll into your VCR, and are endeavoring to expand their analog collection every day. And on the real tip, the majority of their prices are more than analog afforadable, mang! You know we can dig it! And don’t forget, Tapeheads: if you have a considerable chunk of tapes that have been in your trade pile way too long and need a new loving home, shoot a message and see if they can take ‘em off yer hands! Expand their selection while refining your collection! DIG ON IT!

Groove and Groove and Keep in Touch with Old Friends.

Josh Schafer

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