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AFRAID OF THE BASEMENT VIDEO Unleashes Limited Edition VHS for the UK Trash / Exploitation Flick LIFE IS CHEAP from Director Kurt Dirt! Plus, Pervert Punk / Grindcore Outfit PINK MASS – LIVE IN LEATHER Limited Edition VHS Gets Release!

Here’s a heads up on some fresh VHS news from those underground entertainment aficionados over at Afraid of the Basement Video, Tapeheads! Their newest officially licensed release presents LIFE IS CHEAP: the debut full-length feature from cross-dressing trash-pop artist turned dysfunctional family man / filmmaker from the UK Kurt Dirt! According to the magnetic magic maniacs over at AOTB Video, “Kurt has dedicated his life to freak culture and underground sleaze cinema… he’s made an absolutely crucial contribution to the genre with LIFE IS CHEAP!” You know we can dig it, Videovores. Here’s a look at the Limited Edition release:


The Official US VHS Release for Kurt Dirt's LIFE IS CHEAP from AOTB Video! Get freak nasty on that VCR, man. FREAK NASTY.

Here’s the official synopsis for LIFE IS CHEAP courtesy of AOTB: "Finally the true story of Britain’s Council house of horrors can be revealed! Joeby is a young man who brings his work home with him… unfortunately, he’s a toilet cleaner! When he is sacked from his dream job at Ratzenburger’s Restrooms he is forced to take drastic measures to satisfy his scatological lusts! Barbara Cleftico is his long suffering mother, and when her ex-prison girlfriend escapes, she and her brothel employees must resort to sadistic torture to extort money from her clients to escape the concrete and neon hell of the city… And finally Little “Bubbles”, the product of incest between mother and son, locked in the attic, but somebody forgot her medicine….."

LIFEisCHEAP_posterA look at the poster the comes with the LIFE IS CHEAP VHS release from AOTB Video! Chicks with Dicks, Chains, Whips... Just your basic VCR orgy type of thing.

This NTSC VHS edition of LIFE IS CHEAP from AOTB Video is limited to just 30 copies and comes with a bitchin’ mini-poster (shown above)! Check out the trailer below for a heaping helping of perversion, puke, street sluts with spiked dildos, groovy gore and more… And if you’re in the mood for even more anti-digital debauchery, Afraid of the Basement has also recently unleashed a limited edition VHS featuring the Philly-based pervert-punk / grindcore outfit PINK MASS! Get a load of the release below, Tapeheads…


The Limited Edition VHS Release for PINK MASS - LIVE IN LEATHER from AOTB Video. VHSlip it in, man.

Yessir, you can slip this slimy slab of grinding salacious sadism in your VCR and experience THREE FULL SETS from PINK MASS via analog means - only available on AOTB VIDEO! This VHSexy home video edition also includes a special intro from the band oozing with leather, beer and lashings. Peep the trailer below and get a taste of just the tip, Tapeheads…

Groove and Groove and Worship the Rewind Weird.

Josh Schafer

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