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A Videovore Score!!

Every now and again, Lunchmeat will receive an awesome email from a voracious Videovore out there who wants to share the joys of their radical video collection or how thrilled they are with their newest score of tapes. I recently received one of these wildly enthusiastic and totally too cool emails from a Videovore by the name of Adolfo and it inspired me to create a new feature on the blog that will feature Videovore’s collections, tape hauls and anything else that revolves around the collecting community, so be sure to stay tuned to the blog for more journeys into the wonderful and weird world of the Videovore! But right now, let’s check out Adolfo’s super-sweet score...

The surrealistic nightmare PAPERHOUSE (LM#3), the rare SCALPEL on Charter Home Entertainment and the WIP flick you've never heard of: STRIKE OF THE TORTURED ANGELS! How awesome is the "Russ's Hot Picks" sticker?!

A curious version of CRIPPLED MASTERS on Ocean Shores Video Limited, the classic Media release of REBEL ROUSERS and the much sought-after ROLLING VENGEANCE on Charter Entertainment!

Jeff Lieberman's total freak out BLUE SUNSHINE, one the many entries in the ZATOICHI martial-arts legacy and the off-beat and totally ridiculous SILENT MADNESS (LM#3)!

LM: So, Adolfo, Where'd you score these chunks o'black gold?! A: At 79th Street Video in Chicago. They used to be a movie rental place with some porn, but now the porn and DVDs took over and they're getting rid of their VHS. LM: Did you get a good deal on 'em?! A: Yeah! A dollar each! LM: That’s a killer deal! Was there anything there you wanted to take home, but didn't? A: The Continental Video release of John Waters' 'Desperate Living' was for sale, but the owner placed it with the other big box tapes that were all porn and didn't want to sell it. I also came across a VHS release titled 'I Puke on Your Grave' that features horrible computer artwork and a really misleading description as to what it really is. The description claims that it is "one of the most controversial horror films ever" when it's really just a collection of random horror (and possibly true crime/accident) scenes taken from other movies. It was released by DMN Entertainment. They released various 'Faces of Death' and 'Caught on Tape' type shockumentaries that were a hit with the folks who came in to rent at the last minute before closing at this one video store I worked at. Maybe I was feeling nostalgic? Aren’t we all feeling a little nostalgic? Many thanks to Adolfo for sharing his groovy haul! Oh, and Adolofo also runs a radical tumblr site where you can check out all kinds of weird images and strange sounds that’ll surely melt your brain (or at least cook it in its own juices). Click the link for a celebration of trashy degradation and weird mutation of the aural and visual variation!

Keep on diggin', Videovores, and be sure to give us a shout about your newest score(s) and groovy collections! We wanna see 'em!!

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