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Rhys is a soldier and hunter who lives in a zombie-infested Australian wasteland. His job is to track and capture civilians who have survived the undead plague & deliver them to the brutal Surgeon General who lives in a bunker deep under the ground with a team of heavily armed soldiers.

The Surgeon General has convinced Rhys that what he is doing is good - that his actions will one day lead to a cure for the virus. So, when Rhys captures a mysterious half-zombie-half-human indigenous girl named Grace, he is convinced that she may be the key to ending the apocalypse. But Grace’s tough-as-nails little sister Maxi tracks him down and helps him see that his superiors are lying to him. They have been brutally killing the innocent captives all along and Rhys is working for the bad guys.

When the Military come to collect Maxi, he decides to fight back but is defeated. She escapes, and Rhys is left for dead. Maxi returns and rescues him with the help of the badass brother/sister duo from Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead–Brooke (a human/zombie hybrid who can control zombies with her mind) & Barry (armour-clad & wielding his trusty shotgun). They convince Rhys that the only way he can achieve redemption for things he has done is to help them infiltrate the Bunker & free Grace.

So begins a race against time as the team attempts to save Maxi’s sister from the evil clutches of the Surgeon General before she is subjected to his nightmarish brain-drilling, head-exploding experiments!

 “All the blood, guts and laughs you could ever hope for!” – Screen Anarchy

“Makes Zombies Fun Again!” – Fangoria

Presented in native widescreen. Duplicated in NTSC.

This is the first pressing limited to 50 copies, housed in full-color slipcases and all pressed on classic black videocassettes.