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VIDEO STORES STILL EXIST! gives you a look behind the counter at 12 currently active video stores through interviews with the people who run some of the most vital home video havens in the country. 


Featured stores include: 

Beyond Video, Video 7, Vidiots, Movie Madness, Videotheque, Video Library, Scarecrow Video, Videodrome, Best Video Film & Cultural Center, Cinefile Video, Vulture Video, and The Last Blockbuster.  




The first question that pops up when you search video stores on the internet is, “do video stores still exist?” This publication is here to answer that question, and press play with a definitive YES!


Video Stores Still Exist! is a tribute to the fine video stores around the country, and the incredible people who run them. Whether they’re new to the scene, or have been here since the beginning, these 12 stores share an unparalleled dedication to the indispensable service they provide for their communities. Be kind, and remember to rewind... or Die!


Cover Design and Intro by Josh Schafer. Edited and Designed by Ted Gilbert.


This is the second press of 250 copies.


Measures 6 x 9 inches. 60 pages. Full-color covers with black and white interiors. Saddle stich binding.