VHSurfer "Meet the VHS Collector" VOL. 3 VHS

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Some call ‘em Tapeheads. Some say they’re Videovores. But around here... we know them as VHSurfers!

Get ready to hang 10 with these totally bodacious dudes and dudettes with an obsession for home video history! They’re looking to ride the wave of magnetic tape and catch the most far-out collections on VHS!

“VHSurfer: Meet the VHS Collector” is a docu-series that chronicles intimate and personal VHStories from VHSurfers around the world!

Volume three continues with eight more tubular episodes! Be Kind, Rewind, and Surf’s Up!

Episode 14. Michael Myerz

Episode 15. Wayne Werewolf

Episode 16. Morgan Lander

Episode 17. VHS Mikey

Episode 18. Desereé Fawn

Episode 19. Chris Gruber

Episode 20. Allison aka Horrorheadx

Episode 21: Barry Knob

This videocassette also inludes the gnarly music video for "Necrocannibal" from surf rockers Shriek if You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th, directed and edited by E.K. Wimmer!

This is the first press of 50 copies, housed in large black clamshell cases, and pressed on Bodacious Wave Blue videocassettes.