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Presented in partnership with Vinegar Syndrome!

John Carradine stars as a modern day Count Dracula, directing a harem of beautiful servants who fulfill their client’s carnal hungers before quenching their own thirst for human blood!

It begins as a tale of three American sailors out on the town in a foreign paradise. Eddie gets lucky with a voluptuous vamp. Terry and Tom take on too much beer and wake up in the brigg to find Eddie is A.W.O.L!   Their frantic search for Eddie leads them to an old cemetery inhabited by vampires.

The count needs fresh blood for his three buxom VAMPIRE HOOKERS. These nymphs need the nourishment only the Navy can provide! Our heroes soon learn  the VAMPIRE HOOKERS are a little horny after one hundred and   thirty-seven years of celibacy. Blood isn’t all they suck!

This is the first pressing limited to 150 copies, housed in large black clamshell cases:

·         100 Baited Blood Red Videocassettes (Exclusively from VINEGAR SYNDROME)

·         50 Classic Black Videocassettes (Exclusively from LUNCHMEAT)