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Get three LUNCHMEAT publications at a VHSteal of a deal!

This bundle includes LUNCHMEAT #10, STUCK ON VHS #1, and WORKOUT REWIND #1 (Celebrities) for one low price!

You'll receive:


  1. Reviews of radical obscurities and cult classics only available on VHS

  2. A deep dive retrospective on THE GHOSTING

  3. Demystifying the found footage gem GIRLS AT THE CARNIVAL

  4. Uncovering the Lost Warrior of the Rewind Era: THE ARCHER

  5. An Exhumation and Exploration of CREEPTALES

  6. Rolling the Bones with Low-Budget Movie Renaissance Man James L. Edwards

  7. A Mind-Bending Account of SPLIT with director Chris Shaw

  8. Animation from the Abyss After Dark Edition

  9. Strange But True: Kane Hodder’s Candid Farts

  10. Analogtising Special Edition featuring AUDIO / VIDEO PLUS

  11. A Future Vision of the VCR: Tips and Tricks on Keeping Your VCR Alive in Modern Times

64 pages. Perfect bound. Full color front and back covers. Black and white interiors.


STUCK ON VHS, the critically acclaimed book from Josh Schafer and Jacky Lawrence is now a supplemental magazine! Packed with all-new visions of video store stickers and expanded coverage including memories of Family Video, Odyssey Video, and Video Revue Movie Center, along with an exclusive and in-depth interview with Dave Sharkey: The proprietor of Home Cinema, a pioneering home video delivery service that revolutionized how people watched movies in Southern New Jersey!


The preservation and celebration of video store ephemera and culture continue, Tapeheads!

Measures 5.5 x 8.5. 52 pages. Full-color covers and internals. Saddle-stitch binding. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.


Released in partnership with Found Footage Festival!

Celebrities: They Sweat Just Like Us!

They put their leg warmers on one leg at a time. And yet they’re somehow better than us, too… at least when it comes to working out.

WORKOUT REWIND pays tribute to these famous fitness gurus, some credible (Jane Fonda, Arnold Schwarzenegger), some questionable (Zsa Zsa Gabor, Milton Berle), and some fictional (Barbie, Barney), but all worthy of your VCR.

Whether you’re looking for some gyration motivation or just a wiggly, giggly bathroom read, make your eyeballs break a VHSweat with these very weird and very real exercise videos from the golden age of VHS!