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THIS IS THE DIRECTOR APPROVED "PUNK CUT"!! - Only available on this videocassette release!

Aloe & Vera are two lovers living out their dystopian days in a not so distant future.  Girl gangs rule the dangerous streets and the extinction of men is imminent, all the while everyone is in search of a special drug that gets you so high, you die!   The last surviving degenerate Dirtbag Mike, escapes an institution and goes on a violent rampage slicing & dicing through the bombed out apocalypse. 

It’s up to our two star-crossed-lovers played by erotic starlett Erin Brown and indie Scream Queen, Allison Egan to stop Dirtbag Mike’s bloody path once and for all and finally end men!  Come along as they embark on a quest alongside their sidekick Punk Kid, a gang of roller girls, wrestlers, punks, futuristic furies, naughty nurses, a rogue murderous film director, the last of the good ones & and the oracle goddess Summer Eve.  Standing in their way are killer cops, gun toting hipsters and of course the most evil Dirtbag Mike played by Michael Shersenovich. 

Featuring an all star indie cast of leading ladies, Erin Brown, Allison Egan, Ellie Church, Tulsi McDaniels,  Linnea Quigley, Roni Jonah, Scarlett Storm, Brandy Noir,  Sadie Tate, Dixie Gers & Brittany Blanton. Featuring professional wrestlers Queen Aminata, Jessica Havok, Ace Austin, Aaron Williams, Jon Murray and  many more.

Scored by dark wave rockers Dirty/Clean and featuring a raucous punk soundtrack by the likes of The Midnight Creeps, The Clap, The Space Robot Scientists, Mike Hunchback, & Yikes A Band.

Make-Up Efx by Mal Thokey & Costumes by Betanya Grant. 

Presented in native aspect ratio. Duplicated in NTSC.

This is the first pressing limited to 50 copies, housed in full-color slipcases:

· 25 Atomic Oral Orange Videocassettes

· 25 Girl Gang Green Videocassettes