The Undertaker And His Pals Limited Edition VHS

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The campy cannibal cult horror comedy classic comes back to fresh VHS from LUNCHMEAT!

Originally unleashed 1966, THE UNDERTAKER AND HIS PALS is a pioneering black comedy and a kitschy slice of pure drive-in delirium that plants its tongue firmly in cheek, and then bites it off and spits it out on to a greasy sizzling hot plate for you to enjoy! Follow two degenerate café owners as they cook up a depraved alliance with their local undertaker and run amok in the town hacking, slicing, and serving up the local townsfolk. But when a pair of local detectives smell something fishy afoot, the trio’s reign of terror runs into some serious trouble!

Committed to tasty orange videocassettes (30 copies) and radical black and orange composite videocassettes with handwritten “coroner” face labels (5 copies), this limited edition comes housed in a full-color slipcase created from original UNDERTAKER press kit materials!

This edition includes a 1/1 translucent orange videocassette with silver foil labels, which will be randomly inserted for one lucky Tapehead! *NOTE: you will receive the translucent variant INSTEAD of the tasty orange videocassette. You will not receive both! But please make a note if you DO NOT want the translucent version when ordering the tasty orange!*

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