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Abbie Rose is a popular social-media influencer known for her lifestyle, fashion and makeup videos. One night she signs a coveted contract with Nutrocon, a notorious cosmetic company known to pollute, test on animals and treat female workers unfairly... Immediately, she's taken down and tied up in her home by a group of masked activists.

Overnight, they force Abbie through the filming of a video, advertising a mysterious new makeup kit. As the hacker's plan unfolds, we learn the real reason for their visit, and, as Abbie's façade fades, we learn more about the lies she's been living.

In filmmaker Meghan Weinstein’s directorial debut, she adeptly blends satirical comedy with an unhinged home invasion thriller as she lampoons the idea of being "internet famous" in the modern world. Witty, funny, and chock full of social commentary, THE INFLUENCER was created and executed by a nearly all-female team, and delivers a powerful and potent punch in the gut to the worst of modern social media’s woes.

Presented in Widescreen Format. Duplicated in NTSC.

This is the first pressing of 50 copies, housed in large clamshell cases:

· 25 Bruised Ego Blue Videocassettes

· 25 You’re Cancelled Yellow Videocassettes