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Once upon a tape time, while perusing the crevices of Mom and Pop video stores in New York, legendary VHS collector Matt Desiderio stumbled upon an extraordinary treasure: a human-sized anthropomorphic home video mascot, known forevermore as "Tape Man."  The collectibles team has lovingly crafted this icon of 1980s video tape promotion, replete with bendable arms and legs. The Tape Man bendy comes packaged on a retro-radical blister card. Add Tape Man to your VHShelf for a pop of underground home video history, and inspire awe from even the most dedicated Tapeheads.

Measures approximately 7 inches tall. Made from PVC and ABS.

These are the last figures of the press (450 pieces), and will not be pressed again! Get Tape Man while you can and hide your snacks! Tape Man got the munchies!