STUCK ON VHS Magazine #2

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STUCK ON VHS, the critically acclaimed book from Josh Schafer and Jacky Lawrence is back with an all-new issue of our supplemental magazine! STUCK ON VHS MAGAZINE #2 features 300+ new visions of video store and VHS stickers with obscure clippings and images to further contextualize these video store stories! 

SOVHS #2 also includes a retrospective on the legendary VIDEO 7, an exclusive and insightful interview with Lisa Lofchie about A TO X VIDEO OUTLET: a video store that reinvented the way adult titles were rented, a brief history on the purpose and use of void stickers, observations on the personal labels that populate tapes, and more!

The preservation and celebration of video store ephemera and culture continues, Tapeheads! Don’t miss this fantastic issue of fascinating video era history! 

Measures 5.5 x 8.5. 52 pages. Full-color covers and internals. Saddle-stitch binding. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.