STUCK ON VHS Magazine #1 / Poster Bundle

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STUCK ON VHS, the critically acclaimed book from Josh Schafer and Jacky Lawrence is now a supplemental magazine! Packed with all-new visions of video store stickers and expanded coverage including memories of Family Video, Odyssey Video, and Video Revue Movie Center, along with an exclusive and in-depth interview with Dave Sharkey: The proprietor of Home Cinema, a pioneering home video delivery service that revolutionized how people watched movies in Southern New Jersey!

The preservation and celebration of video store ephemera and culture continue, Tapeheads!

PLUS! Get an eyeful of the most bodacious VHS sticker bomb you ever VHSaw, Tapeheads! This 11x17 full-color poster will radicalize any rewind-inclined wall!

*This bundle includes one copy of STUCK ON VHS Magazine #1 and one STUCK ON VHS 11x17 Poster!*

Measures 5.5 x 8.5. 52 pages. Full-color covers and internals. Saddle-stitch binding. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

11x17 poster. Full color, full-bleed. Shipped flat.