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Presented in partnership with JAB Products and Munrovia Pictures!


It’s a new breed of filmmaking… that’s gone BANANAS!!


They were just teenage girls trying to have a teenage slumber -party until a psychotic ape escaped from the Detroit zoo to ruin their night! He’s been on a killing spree for 25 years now, leaving banana soaked corpses and bad movie parodies in his wake. PSYCHO APE is a DIY micro budget gore-illla filmaking gore fest!


PSYCHO APE is full-throttle, mind-frying, funny-bone-breaking camp comedy that’s wildly A-PEEL-ING!


Filmed on stunning Mini Digital Videocassette!


2020 / 64 MINS / COLOR / UNRATED


This is the first LUNCHMEAT pressing limited to 50 copies, housed in full-color slipcases:


· 25 Yummy Banana Composite Videocassettes (Yellow Body, Black Flap)


· 25 Bad Banana Composite Videocassettes (Black Body, Yellow Flap)