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Presented in partnership with Head Fumes!

Just when you thought Santa Claus Conquers the Martians couldn’t be any weirder, we’re giving the gift of this totally far out rewind-inclined remix! You’ve NEVER seen Santa like this!


The whole world is shocked when Santa suddenly disappears at his busiest time of the year! The wild surprises persist when Earth finds out Jolly Old Saint Nick has been kidnapped by Martians to bring joy to their own alien children! Will Santa ever get back to our world, or can he bring Christmas cheer to the entire Universe?!

This VHSeason, drop a blotter in your eggnog, light up some Christmas tree, and enter the kaleidoscopic vision of HEAD FUMES: a Philadelphia based video artist who uses a fully analog rig, pieced together from old-school video mixers, glitch boxes, synthesizers, and a stack of old VCRs to twist up, glitch out, and video bend this cult Christmas classic into total psychedelic madness!

This program was created entirely with analog equipment by HEAD FUMES. No digital effects were used in the creation of this altered version. 


1964 / 82 MINS / COLOR / NOT RATED

Presented in 4:3. Duplicated in NTSC.

This is the first press of 50 copies, housed in full-color slipcases and pressed on black videocassettes. Every tape comes with a VHScratch n’ Sniff face label that SMELLS LIKE SANTA!!