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Outsider multi-influenced ATL rapper Michael Myerz is back in rewind-radical action with his 4th VHS release! Myerz 4 Ever is a VHSuper mixtape containing music videos, darkly comedic 90's nostalgia-influenced faux-commercials from SkyCorp Home Video, documentary bits with insider views of the mind of Myerz, and other exclusive audiovisual goodies! The New York Slime says, "It's the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!" Don’t take our rewind word for it. Taste this tape for yourself, Videovores!

*COLLECTOR NOTE* Variant colorways may be requested at checkout, but are not guaranteed. We will do our best to get you the color you request! SELECTING THE IMAGE WHEN YOU CHECK OUT DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE VHS COLOR VARIANT.

This is the first press, limited to 40 copies:

·         10 Sweet VHSponge Cake Yellow Videocassettes

·         10 Funk Nugget Purple Videocassettes

·         20 Classic Black Videocassettes