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Released in partnership with Saturn’s Core Audio & Video and Right in the Microwave Productions!

"Mail Order Murder: The Story of W.A.V.E. Productions" is the first true and uncensored account of the New Jersey based horror and custom video movie studio W.A.V.E. Productions. Since its start in 1987, W.A.V.E. founder / director Gary Whitson has produced a staggering filmography of over 400 shot on video features by allowing his fans to script and finance their own custom movies tailored specifically to satiate their own idiosyncratic video obsessions.


In this all new documentary, directors Ross Snyder and William Hellfire chart the history and subsequent 30 year phenomenon of W.A.V.E. Productions with in-depth and candid interviews from a multitude of Gary's stars and collaborators including Tina Krause, Pamela Sutch, Debbie D., Dave Castiglione, Laura Giglio, Deana Demko, Aven Warren, Clancy McCauley and many more. With the W.A.V.E. Productions filmography remaining an important and relatively uncharted expanse for the majority of cult film aficionados worldwide, “Mail Order Murder: The Story of W.A.V.E. Productions" is required viewing for devotees of obscure, bizarre, and brain-melting cinema; providing a rare snapshot into the career of one of the most enigmatic and prolific underground filmmakers in history.


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This is the first press limited to 100 copies:


·         50 Red and Black Composite Videocassettes (Red VHS with Black Top)

·         50 Black and Red Composite Videocassettes (Black VHS with Red Top)