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 Released in Partnership with The Alamo Studio and endorsed by Family Video!

*All proceeds from this release will be donated to The Vidiots Foundation, who are doing fantastic work keeping video store and cinema culture alive*

A look into the final hours of the last video rental chain in America.

Starting in 1978, Family Video served as a popular film rental store for mid-America, at one time having over 800 locations. Its closure marks the end of video rental chains in the United States, showcasing the final remnant of a once-thriving industry.

“Our employees truly put the ‘Family’ in Family Video. This story from Kalamazoo was replicated in every store and community we served across the country. Our staff created an uncommon bond with our customer base that is rare in today’s world. Our unprecedented 43-year run was because of employees like Michelle, Katherine and Katelynn.” ~ Derek Dye, Senior Brand Manager, Highland Ventures.

Presented with an exclusive VHS-only introduction from Director Chad Campbell, and presented in classic 4:3.

Released in a limited edition of 43 copies in honor of Family Video’s 43 years of service, all pressed on classic black videocassettes. Approx run time: 9 mins.