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Presented in Partnership with VHSHITFEST!

Rewind back and party with the ultimate collection of female fright stars from the heyday of horror home video in INVASION OF THE SCREAM QUEENS!

Enjoy illuminating conversations with your favorite horror movie heroines as they get up close and personal about their exciting experiences on set and beyond! Featuring fascinating  and informative stories from Michelle Bauer (HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS), Martine Beswicke (DR. JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE), Brinke Stevens (SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE), Elizabeth Kaitan (FRIDAY THE 13th PART 7), Janus Blythe (THE HILLS HAVE EYES), Melissa Moore (INVISIBLE MANIAC), Mary Woronov (EATING RAOUL) and many, many more!

It’s the most fun and frightening party on video with the ladies of your SCREAMS!

*NOTE* This version is from the best available print of the film, which was taken directly from the original VHS master.

This is the second press limited to 50 copies, housed in full-color slipcases:

  • 25 Bodacious Beauties Blue Videocassettes
  • 25 Petrified Peril Purple Videocassettes