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Since first donning a tattered fedora and a glove of eviscerating blades in 1984, Robert Englund has become a beloved horror icon. His portrayal of Freddy Krueger is without doubt a moment as visceral to the horror genre as Chaney's werewolf or Karloff's groundbreaking realization of Frankenstein's monster. However, few realize the depths of Englund's true power as a character actor away from the latex mask and iconic red and green sweater.


A classically trained actor and director, Robert Englund has become one of the most revolutionary horror icons of our generation.. This unique and intimate portrait captures the man behind the glove and features interviews with Englund and his wife Nancy, Lin Shaye, Eli Roth, Tony Todd, Heather Langenkamp, and more.


This is the quintessential documentary on the man who didn’t just bring Freddy Krueger to horrific and historic life on-screen, but has created a fantastic career as an elite actor and entertainer far beyond.


Presented in native Widescreen. Duplicated in NTSC.


2023 / 134 MINS / COLOR / TV-14


This is the first edition of 50 copies, housed in a full-color slipcase and pressed on black videocassettes with silver foil face and side labels.