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Presented in partnership with Bobby Blood!

One dark October night, Darla Perkins looked death in the eye and began a journey through hell that few could ever imagine.

Now, after 24 months of institutionalization and abuse, Darla has overcome her tragedies and is ready to move forward with her life. Or has she? Once again faced with her attackers, Darla seeks the help and guidance of Satan himself in this macabre and violent tale of redemption and revenge.

2022 / 72 MINS / COLOR / UNRATED

Presented in native widescreen and duplicated in NTSC.

“Hell Nurse will appeal to gorehounds and horror fans longing for the icky atmosphere of the 1970s.” – FILM THREAT

This is the first pressing limited to 50 copies, housed in large black clamshell cases:

· 25 Revenge is Rad Red / Black Composite Videocassettes (RED BODY / BLACK FLAP)

· 25 Satan’s Got Your Back Black / Red Composite Videocassettes (BLACK BODY / RED FLAP)