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Presented in partnership with Bobby Canipe, Jr.!


The most frightening member of the family is hungry for more than just pie… SHE WILL EAT YOU ALIVE! 


Bobby Canipe Jr.’s modern shot-on-video gorefest comes to VHS, only from Lunchmeat! 


When Quinn spent her inheritance buying a quaint bed and breakfast, she was hoping for a fresh start and a new beginning, but when she and her friends spend a weekend on the property they come face to face with a horror from the past that won't rest.


Directly inspired by classic SOV splatter flicks of the 80s and 90s, GRANDMA features performances from iconic scream queens Brinke Stevens, Deborah Dutch, Courtney Larcara, and Michelle Bauer, and was executive produced by a slate of SOV legends, including Gary Cohen, Donald Farmer, Tim Ritter, and Mark Polonia, among others. 


GRANDMA authentically captures the gritty and irreverent essence of the low-budget camcorder films of the video era, and splatters the screen with Canipe’s signature retro horror sensibility!


This VHS release is currently the only you can see this film! Exclusively available on VHS until early 2024!


Presented in 4:3. Duplicated in NTSC.


This is the first press of 50 copies housed in large black clamshells, all pressed on classic black videocassettes.