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Presented in Partnership with Derek Erdman!


GIRLS AT THE CARNIVAL is an inadvertent documentary, an unadulterated look at mid-western life in the early 1990s. As this recording was never meant for reproduction or mass viewing, each scene is rich with spontaneity; each spoken word is obviously unscripted and devoid of conscious thought. Follow Jenn, Kelly, and Nellie through a world of obscenity, lust, and hedonism and decide for yourself how the moral fabric of America’s heartland has dissolved like a pair of thin cotton socks soaking for weeks in a sink of extra strength bleach.


Also included in this “Deluxe Edition” is the short film BOWL OF SOUP, written by Derek Erdman and directed by Bobby Burg, and five music videos featuring the music of The Beauty Pageant.


Originally released by Derek Erdman c. 1998 Users Music & Publishing.  Approx runtime 40 mins.


This LUNCHMEAT VHS edition also comes with a “Getting Back to the Carnival” insert featuring an exclusive interview with Derek Erdman discussing the footage’s origin.


This is the third press of 50 copies on Classic Black Videocassettes.