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The cult sci-fi film is now a novel, penned by LUNCHMEAT staff writer Robert Freese!


To escape a space prison, a band of misfits get together and become Galaxy Warriors!

When her sister Artemis is banished to Prison Planet, bounty hunter Demeter will stop at nothing to rescue her. With the help of her pilot Vesta, Demeter infiltrates the penal planet only to find that inmates are forced into gladiatorial death battles for the amusement of the galaxy's elite.

With time running out, Demeter must face Enyo, the evil warden of Prison Planet! It's a non-stop science fiction adventure! Robert Freese adapts Brett Kelly’s loving tribute to all the fantastic science-fiction movies that capitalized on the success of Star Wars. Galaxy Warriors the novelization is loaded with references of the "Sons of Star Wars" subgenre and celebrates the fun of those films from a bygone era. Recreations of 70s/80s sci-fi movie lobby cards courtesy movie marketing archivist Paul Mcvay.

This is the second entry in the ICFH Movie Novelization series.