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Released in partnership with Rich Hanf of FRIGHT TRAIL and Aurora Interactive! 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to run your own haunted house?! Enter that nightmarish world with this ghoulishly spooktacular video exhumed from the video crypt of Rich Hanf!

Shot in 1994, and hosted by haunted attraction legends Rich Hanf (FRIGHT TRAIL) and John Denley (SALEM’S FAMOUS WITCH MANSION), this shot-on-video fright feast reveals some of the most essential tips and tricks to scare people out of their wits! Plus, see eye-popping and blood rare coverage of early haunts and interviews with Rich Hanf himself – Part how-to and part expose’, this witch’s brew is the primordial ooze of haunted attractions!

Hanf and Denley are two of the original scare-savvy entrepreneurs who helped establish the haunted attraction industry, and now they're here to help you scare up some shrieks and screams as they show you around their haunted world… all through the power of your VCR!

This is the second pressing of 50 copies, housed in full-color slipcases, and pressed on classic black videocassettes.